Mangaluru: Tiny Tots Enthrall Audience during TenderFoot Pre-School Annual Day 2016 Celebrations

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Mangaluru: ‘Three and four-year-old children are often called preschoolers. Preschool children want to touch, taste, smell, hear, and test things for themselves. They are eager to learn. They learn by experiencing and by doing. Preschoolers learn from their play. They are busy developing skills, using language, and struggling to gain inner care. Preschoolers are more independent than toddlers. They can express their needs since they have greater command of language. They may also talk about imaginary friends. They enjoy dramatic play with other children. Their emotions are usually extreme and short-lived. They begin to learn to share. Preschool children learn best by doing and involve in variety of activities. They communicate their needs, ideas, and questions. Their attention span is a little longer so they can participate in group activities ‘.


‘ They can make representational pictures (for example, pictures of flowers, people, etc.) They are very active and aggressive in their play. They sometimes have imaginary friends. They tend to brag and be bossy. They have very active imaginations. They need to feel important and worthwhile. They can be aggressive but want friends and enjoy being with other children. They enjoy pretending to be important adults such as mom, dad, nurse, doctor, mail carrier, police officer. They appreciate praise for their achievements. They need opportunities to feel more freedom and independence. They are learning to take turns and to share. They ask lots of questions, including “how” and “why” questions. They are very talkative. Their language includes silly words and profanity. They enjoy serious discussions. They can understand some basic concepts such as number, size, weight, color, texture, distance, time and position.

Their classification skills and reasoning ability are developing ‘ –these and many more qualities found in the kids belonging to the “Tender Foot Pre School and Coaching Institute” located in Bejai, took part in their school’s 5th Annual Day celebrations 2016 held at Lourdes Central School Auditorium, Bejai during the weekend. It was yet another spectacular event of this school, where the tiny tots unleashed their hidden talents and enthralled the audience comprising of their teachers, parents and well-wishers. It was a perfect evening where an ocean of talent showcased through oration, dance , drama and music brightened the horizon to the full.

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The programme commenced at 3.30pm with the gracious arrival of the dignitaries of the occasion. The celebration began with invoking God’s blessings through a thoughtful prayer ” Ithni Shakthi Humein Dhene Dhatha ” sung by the cute little kids of Tender Care Pre-School. A welcome dance by P N Visalakshi summer camp student was followed by the presentation of the milestones of Tenderfoot preschool and coaching institute by Trustee Mamtha Bhandary. Wife of Glen Patrao, the trustee of the School, Doreen Patrao welcomed the gathering and introduced the dignitaries namely- Chief Guest Dr. Sandeep Rai-an eminent doctor of Mangaluru with an MS, MCH & Professor and Head of the department of Pediatric Surgery KS Hegde Medical Academy; Guest of honor Rev. Fr. Robert D’Souza – past principal of Anugraha Pre University College Ujire and now serving as the Principal of Lourdes Central School Bejai; and Rev Fr. Wilson Vitus D’Souza, Parish Priest, Bejai Church & Manager- Lourdes Central School, Mangaluru.

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The programme was inaugurated by lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries on the dais.Then followed the convocation for the nursery and Mont 2 children of tenderfoot preschool. At Tenderfoot, every student is offered a platform to participate. Those who have excelled are honoured, thus driving in a sense of challenge to the others. The award ceremony also for the academic achievements of the children through the academic year 2015 to 2016 was done in the formal programme. Addressing the audience, Dr. Sandeep Rai spoke on the value of real education for preschool children by way of molding them psychologically and also gave a message to the parents that they need to cooperate with the teachers in disciplining their young ones and not over protecting them. “While grandparents share their experiences with the kids parents, parents also should share their experiences with their kids, thereby keeping a close relationship. While pre-school teach social activities, develop speech, develop talents, interact with each other , same way parents also need to interact with children at home, communicate with them , encourage them, train them and not just leave the task to the pre-school teachers” he added. He thanked the teachers who mentored and trained him for his success in life.

Delivering his message during the occasion, Rev Fr Robert Dsouza stressed upon the importance of a teacher in molding the child’s future. He said “Children are the beauty of the family. They are the beauty of the society. Today’s kids are tomorrows leaders. Little ones can achieve great things and success if they are given the training and showed the right direction. And pre-schools like Tender Foot play an important role in moulding the tiny tots, training them, teaching them the right qualities and manners etc etc. Compliments to the founders of this great institute for thinking and caring about the kids and making them active when they grow and move forward. Best wishes and all success “. He complimented the progress of the school.

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Explained the role of early education, values imparted during the early education, Rev Fr Wilson V D’Souza said, “There is increasing recognition that the first few years of a child’s life are a particularly sensitive period in the process of development, laying a foundation in childhood and beyond for cognitive functioning; behavioral, social, and self-regulatory capacities; and physical health. Yet many children face various stresses during these years that can impair their healthy development. Early childhood intervention programs are designed to mitigate the factors that place children at risk of poor outcomes. Such programs provide supports for the parents, the children, or the family as a whole. These supports may be in the form of learning activities or other structured experiences that affect a child directly or that have indirect effects through training parents or otherwise enhancing the care giving environment. TenderFoot Pre-School is no doubt giving the best training to these training at a early start so that they can fair better later”. He complimented the progress of the school.

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The beginning of the cultural programme itself was very lively and illuminating. It was indeed a feast to the audience eyes to see the tiniest of the tiny tots swinging, swaying, waving yet keeping in tune with each other and with music. In every performance of theirs, the blessings in our life were highlighted, the bounties of nature which normally are taken for granted were beautifully presented through dance and music, bringing to us a sense of gratitude and responsibility towards nature. The tiny tots unleashed their hidden talents and their mind-blowing performances was accepted by their moms and dads, grandpas and grandmas, teachers and friends with a thundering round of applause.


The talents of the kids were unleashed through various acts songs and dances which were choreographed by the teachers namely Sandhya, Malini, Shobna, Padmashree and Ashwini, assisted by Sarla and Bhavani. It was indeed a fun filled occasion to be in the midst of tiny tots which brought back some fond childhood memories when I was a kid- although we didn’t had much encouragement from our teachers and adults, and also better facilities then, it is nice to see that the present generation of kids are pondered and showered with all the goodies/facilities- and I urge them to make avail of all the opportunities/facilities provided to them, thereby grow up with rich qualities/skills to be the good and responsible citizens of this country.

The programme concluded with the vote of thanks by Glen Patrao Trustee of TenderFoot, and the national anthem. The programme was professionally compered with a touch of witty dialogues by Ms Sonia Rodrigues.

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  1. Congratulations students of Tender Foot.
    Congratulations Mamtha, Glen, Doreen and all teaching and non teaching staff for their great effort and hard work.
    Best wishes from Maureen Dcosta and family , Sydney Australia

  2. Great job on the part of all the organizers that are responsible for creating a “Tender Foot Preschool” in Bijey. We would be happy to visit this place during our next visit to Mangalore. We are always keen to learn more and more about the people’s contribution towards causes that help the young kids to grow with good surrounding, good education and good upbringing. Everything begins from this “tenderfoot” journey that will help Mangalore move forward in the right direction.

  3. Congratulations to the students, teachers, management non teaching staff and all associated with the celebration of 5th anniversary day of “Tender foot”. I was supposed to attend this event but, because of previous engagements was not able to do so. A big thanks to Alfie d’souza and for detailed coverage with pictures, which made me visualize the entire event.
    Suman Menezes and family, Mangalore/ Banakal.

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