Mangaluru: Trio Trying to Sell Endangered Red Sand Boa Arrested – Innova Car Seized

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Mangaluru: The Panambur Police Inspector Sri Lokesh received information in the early hours of January 7 that three persons were sitting in an lnnova car No. KA-51-B-679, and were waiting for customer to sell two headed snake near Kudremukh Light House.


Accordingly the inspector along with Staff Sri Yogish, ASI, HC Kushala Maniyani, Jagadish, Sathish, and PC’s, Devid D Souza, Chandrahasa Alva and Radhakrishna raided the place and arrested accused.

The accused have been identified as Anwar (30) of Puttur, Venkatesh(27) from Bengaluru and Gajaradharan(64) from Kerala.

They had been accused of trying to sell a Red Sand Boa (Eryx johnii), a snake belonging to an endangered species. Police have seized a two headed snake which is claimed to be worth in lakhs and an lnnova car worth Rs 4 lakhs from the accused.


The accused were contacting rich persons and making them believe that keeping two headed snake the house would bring them wealth and prosperity. In local languages, the reptile is known as ‘irtale’ (one with two heads). In reality it has only one head but its tail resembles its head. When threatened, it can raise its tail in self-defence to scare its enemies behind it as well. There is a high demand for it because of false belief that it brings good luck and also that it can cure AIDS. Efforts are being made to create public awareness so that people are not duped by such persons selling lucky charms.

A case has been registered in Panambur Police Station under wild life protection Act.

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