Mangaluru: Tulunada Rakshana Vedike Stages Protest to Ban Maggi Noodles

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Mangaluru:  The Tulunada Rakshana Vedike staged a protest against Nestle to ban Maggi noodles, in front of the DC office here, on June 6.

Addressing the protesters, the founder president of Tulunada Rakshana Vedike Yogish Shetty, Jeppu said, “Earlier, people used to live long and never had any health issues. But the present generation is facing many health problems. We need to stop the usage of Maggi in India, since it contains a harmful chemical content called monosodium glutamate (lead).”

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He further said that by advertising the product with celebrities, they [Nestle] are trying to manipulate the public and harm India in an indirect way. “As far as preserved food is concerned, they have to be tested by the food testing authorities and then sold by the distributors. Maggi has been banned in Nepal and London but our country is promoting such harmful products by not taking any action against it.”

He urged the people to think about their health and get rid off these preserved foods like Maggi.

Later, Hameed Hassan, general secretary said that Maggi has to be banned in India since it is effecting the health of the younger generation’s.

Jyotika Jain and others were also present.

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  1. I wish all success to the Vedike with their protests, burning of flags and posters, and any other activity that will make them healthier and happier.

    But I think they are terribly mixed up with the story with the noodles.

    They have equated “a harmful chemical content” to “monosodium glutamate” which again is equated to “lead”.

    May be the Vedike folks have found out something new to science. All the best with their research.

    Just a side note. The Chinese, Koreans and the Japanese have been consuming huge quantities of MSG (I think the Japanese started it with the brand of Aji-no-moto) for a hundred years. And they are among the world’s healthiest people.

    What the Vedike folks may not be aware is that MSG occurs very naturally, and plenty of it is found in tomatoes, potatoes and many other vegetables.

    Talking of which I might also add that miniscule quantities of lead is found in many foods, especially fish. None of which has been sent to the laboratories.

    Imagine what the laboratories will find if the dried fish from our own Kudla is sent to the laboratories!

    I think I will happily eat the branded noodles (although in actual fact I have not eaten them at all) any time, but will think a 100 times before consuming Kudla’s dry fish.

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