Mangaluru: Two 14-year-old Boys Die in Scooter Crash at Manjanadi

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Mangaluru: Two young students died as a result of a scooter meeting with a mishap at a curve in Ansar Nagar in Manjanadi on the outskirts late Tuesday night.

​Zakir riding scooter and Tamim, the pedestrian – classmates united in death

Siraj of Montepadavu was on his way riding his scooter with Zakir (14) in the pillion. At the curve, it hit Tamim (14), son of Khalid, who was walking by the side of the road at a poorly lit spot. He is said to have died on the spot.

Zakir, who was the co-rider, was thrown to the ground and sustained severe injuries. He died in the hospital on Wednesday.

The cruel irony of fate was that both Zakir and Tamim were classmates and benchmates, studying Std VIII in Al Madina English-medium school. Destiny seems to have united them in death as well. This information came to light only after the body was identified.

Zakir’s father Mohammed Kunhimonu works in Qatar and he had returned there after holidays only a month ago. Zakir was the elder of his two sons.

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