Mangaluru: UMO Will have to Decide on Appointment of Hindu Girls – Ashraf

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Mangaluru: The DK district United Muslim Organization (UMO) held a press meet at Hotel Woodlands here, on September 1.

Addressing the mediapersons, president of the DK UMO Ashraf said that in the recent attack on Shakir, the police have taken swift action and arrested the people who were involved in the heinous crime. The UMO appreciates the swift operation by the police while at the same time states that no action has been taken against the conspirators. The police should book them under the Goonda Act, he said.


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He further said that the victim, Shakir, works as a manager in Easyday and the girl was working in the same supermarket. “On August 24, at around 5:45 pm, Shakir was assaulted by a group who tied him to an electric pole and stripped him. At the time of assault, the group also used foul language on the girl in public and said that they were waiting for them from 4 pm, which proves that it was a pre-planned attack on Shakir. The UMO condemns the heinous act. In this regard, we have met the police commissioner and urged him to take strict action against those who are trying to create communal violence in the city.”

He also said that the Sangh Parivar is targeting Muslim youth in the name of ‘Love Jihad’. “When a Muslim boy talks to a Hindu girl, they assault them and file false complaint against them. Some anti-social elements are trying to create communal violence in the society by attacking Muslim youth.” He urged the district administration to book those who incite communal violence under the Goonda Act and expel them from the district.

“In the coming days, all the 40 Muslim organizations of the district will meet and discuss about the present situation. If such attacks will continue, we may have to stop appointing Hindu girls in our firms. After we decide appointing Hindu girls in out firms, and if any Muslim owner appoints any Hindu girl, we will stop doing business with such persons.”

He also said that when the attack took place, one Anil and another girl Latha came to the police station, apologised for the mistake and requested Shakir’s brother to withdraw the case. “When he refused to withdraw the case, Latha said that she is a representative of CNN-IBN and if he will not withdraw the case, she threatened to file a rape case against Shakir. Why did the woman threaten Shakir’s brother if Shakir is wrong? Why did the girl not file a complaint if Shakir was troubling her? Why did the Sangh Parivar bring the girl for press meet by masking her face? If it is to hide her identity, why did the members of Sangh Parivar use foul language and harass her in public? When they were assaulting Shakir and video recording, why did they not cover her face? Why did they allow her to show her face?” he questioned.

The police and the district administration should thoroughly investigate this case and the girl should undergo a polygraph test. The Bajrang Dal, Vishwa Hindu Parishat, Sri Rama Sene, Durgavahini and ABVP should be banned, he said. “In our district, communal violence erupts for two reasons, in the name of cow trafficking and love jihad. We, Muslims, are peace lovers. There may be 0.01% of Muslims who create problems but the rest 99.9 % want to live in peace.”

Speaking to the mediapersons, President of Universal Welfare Forum (UNIWEF) Rafiuddin Kudroli said that when Shakir’s brother was in the police station, one Anil asked him “How many of you are here?” When Shakir’s brother replied that they were 25 in number, Anil said, “We are 150 here, you should withdraw the case or face the consequences”. “If they are showing their strength, in the district Muslims also can protect themselves. If the police cannot control them or cannot protect Muslims, let the police tell us. We have our own ways to protect ourselves,” he said.

Secretary Human Rights Federation Mohammed Hanif U, Secretary SDPI Riyaz Farangipet, Secretary PFI Majeed Bajpe and others were also present.

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  1. “We, Muslims, are peace lovers. There may be 0.01% of Muslims who create problems but the rest 99.9 % want to live in peace”

    I don’t know – Every time I hear about smuggling at Vimaana Nildaana, cow trafficking or terrorism, I see names from only one community. The same community lags behind in overall education. Women from this community are doing far worse than Hindus and Christians. It’s important to acknowledge these realities. If you don’t even admit, how can you correct and make things better? It’s sad to see an entire community failing to reach its true potential due to lack of leadership.

    • Original R.Pai lements, ” It’s sad to see an entire community failing to reach its true potential due to lack of leadership.” He is even disgusted to take the name of “that Community”, Such is his hatred!

      He wants Narendra Modi must be their leader, but they are terrified at the very name of the person suggested by RSS Pai! What to do?

      • As usual, sharia-abiding Pincode Pai hasn’t addressed not even a single question I raised in my post. Instead, he has done what he always does – attack RSS and Modiji. His hatred towards truth and facts is quite unfortunate!! What else can you expect from a person held hostage in a local madrasa?

        • Original R.Pai – “sharia-abiding Pincode Pai hasn’t addressed not even a single question I raised in my post.”

          Sir, you say what you are! But, I am not you.

          For, the ‘Truth’ on the one hand; and actual fact about you, the BJP, RSS and Modi on the other, cannot and do not co-exist.

          Before you say, “Pincode Pai hasn’t addressed even a single question I raised in my post,” you ought to have earned the right to ask such a question by answering the questions put by me to you several times! You never cared to do your job. So, tell us your “man ki baat” about:

          1. Daily attacks on Kashmir by Pakistan,

          2. joining hands with soft separatists in Kashmir to somehow get political advantage by betraying the motherland,

          3. facilitating the black money laundering by the economic offenders and culprits and going back on the promise to use that imaginary money to give to the voters,

          4. Construction of Ram Temple,

          5. removal of Article 370,

          6. Uniform Civil Law,

          7. re-occupying territories illegally occupied by China and Pakistan in the RSS’s much touted “Israel way!”

          8. as the ‘globetrotter Prime Minister’, Insulting Indians on foreign soil by his still “deeply rutted-in the opposition mindset” psyche and opening his big mouth in Shanghai saying – “Earlier, you felt ashamed of being born Indian,” etc.

          9. in Seoul Modi insulting India by declaring, “There was a time when people used to say we don’t know what sins we committed in our past life that we were born in Hindustan.”

          10. as Prime Minister of India (irresponsible though) , declaring in Dakka that India indulged in state sponsored terrorism in 1971 to divide Pakistan to create Bangla Desh!

          Sir, before putting any more questions to me, make sure you answer the above specific question, Or else you do not have any right to pose such a question!!!

          • Again, Pinode Pai continues to live in his delusional world and opts to reject real world. He wants me to answer his questions even though he does ‘palaayana vaada’ when it comes to my questions!! LOL LOL He won’t even touch ‘pravaadi’ question with a ten-foot pole!! LOL

  2. I don’t know – Every time I hear about smuggling at Vimaana Nildaana, cow trafficking or terrorism, I see names from only one community.-Atheist Mr.Original Pai

    Sir, The only reason is RSS political wing BJP has found only one Indian Muslim Late president Abdul Kalam. Off course they had thridev namely Hussain,Abbas and Bakth.

    Unfortunately they don’t like remember the names of Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad,Marty Abdul Hamid,Martyr Md.Usman,Martyr Hanifuddin…….

    Top Muslim Freedom Fighters Of India

    Unfortunately enough, these freedom fighters, for some reasons, do not figure prominently in school history books. Muslims are mostly portrayed as seekers of a separate nation or even as British sympathisers by some. It is a grave insult to all those who devoted their lives towards the cause of their motherland.

    While Modi and his patronage has counted Pakistani born LK Advani for Rath Yatra and Vajpayee for ‘Zara Zor Lagao’ with prestigious award.

    I appreciate if you could give me one name from RSS who stood behind Mahatma Gandhi in freedom struggle and sacrificed his life for this nation.

    Jai Hind

  3. Dear Sharia Shaikh,
    Here is how you can get an answer to your question. Ask yourself how many from your community are caught in illegal cow trafficking and smuggling cases at MIA. Now, ask yourself how many from your community have secured ranks/top positions in the recent PUC/SSLC/IAS/KAS exams. Also, ask yourself what have you done to address the lack of education and rampant criminal behavior in ‘kasaragodu’ community?
    Good luck!!

  4. Here is how you can get an answer to your question.-Atheist Mr.Original Pai

    Sir, Please start reading other than RSS mouthpiece. You keep the audit report of only ‘black sheeps’.

    When start counting you will realize the achievements of minority community.

    Let me remind you that,BJP government alone in Maharashtra has scrapped reservation for minority.Why didn’t Modi’s ‘Good Governance’ implement Sachar committee,Kundu committee report if Sabka saath Sabka vikas is resonable argument?

    Show me one representative from Muslim community given ticket in the 14 Lok Sabha from BJP?Why reservation can’t be implemented while allotting party tickets?

    Jai Hind

    • Sharia Shaikh,
      As I wrote earlier, start asking yourself the following questions so you can find answers to your own questions!! Why is it that there is only one community involved in gold smuggling at MIA? Why is it that there is only community involved in illegal cow trafficking and slaughtering? Why is it that there is only one community that doesn’t get along with others starting from China, India to UK?

    • Its really surprising that these migrants are choosing only European countries , where as Saudi Arabia the so called Champion of Islam is not uttering a single word on taking these hapless people to its country and look after them.
      Its shame that so many affluent Muslim countries are just watching this migrant plight and chose to be silent.
      Shaken shake always proclaims that Saudi Arabia is a heaven on earth with all the tribal laws intact!! However when it comes to taking these assylum seekers he is not uttering a single word.
      Why these wealthy Muslim countries lead by Saudi are not taking care of their own people?
      Its utterly shamefull!.

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