Mangaluru: Unfavourable Conditions Result in Failed Take off During Indian Army’s Hang Gliding Event

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Mangaluru: Adventure activities are an important facet of military training, which aim to inculcate camaraderie, spirit-de-corps and team work besides providing a sense of pride and achievement to the participants.

Hang Gliding and Powered Harness Hang Gliding (PHHG) adventure sports are one of the most adventurous and high risk sports in the world. The Army Aero Nodal Centre (Hang Gliding) based at School of Artillery, Devlali, is the only place in lndia where this unique adventure aero sports is conducted. Keeping up with the undoubted spirit of adventure of the Indian Army and to commemorate the 13th Regiment of Artillery Reunion, the SKY CONQUERORS team comprising of two Officers, one JCO and eight Other Rank under team leader Col R K Mishra undertook a very challenging expedition of approximately 1450 km cross country flight from Polachi to Artillery Centre Nasik Road, which will be undertaken over a period of two weeks on Powered Harness Hang Gliders.

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Of the two gliders that were set to make the journey, one failed to take-off . Speaking to the mediapersons Lt Col Vikesh Kumar SM said that lack of open space and haphazard wind pattern resulted in less lifting force required to take off.

Speaking on the occasion, DC Ibrahim said that the army is an important part of the country and defends its citizens. Expressing the need for more youth to join the army, he said that over the years, the number of youth joining the army from the district has greatly come down. “Serving in the army is a matter of great pride for the nation. This expedition aims at infusing the spirit of adventure both among the army personnel and the youth of the nation, and it will inspire more youth to join the army.” The DC wished success to the expedition and hoped that more youth from the district join the army.

The expedition was flagged off from Polachi, Kerala on 16 November 2015 by Lt Gen Jagbir Singh. The SKY CONQUERORS proceeded to Kannur by road, owing to the lack of emergency landing areas enroute. The team took off from Kannur on 17 November at 8 am from the helipad ground and flew to Mangaluru covering a distance of 154 km. DC Ibrahim flagged off the PHHG Expedition Team amongst a huge crowd that had gathered to witness this aero sport. Of the two gliders that were set to make the journey, one failed to take-off. The team will further fly to Kumta, Goa, Belgaum, Kolhapur, Satara, Dehu Road and will be conclude on 27 Nov 2015 at Artillery Centre, Nasik Road.

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