Mangaluru: We need to Get Back Pakistan and Bangla Which were once Part of India – Kalladka Bhat

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Mangaluru: The office of the Hindu Samajotsava was inaugurated by Kalladka Dr Prabhakar Bhat at Bunts Hostel here on February 5.

The programme began with an invocation. District working President of VHP Jitendra Kottari welcomed the gathering. The office was inaugurated by lighting the traditional lamp.





Addressing the gathering Dr Prabhakar Bhat said, “What is Hindu Samajotsava and why do we hold it? We hold the Hindu Samajotsava because we want to live in our country. From thousands of years India belonged to the Hindus, there is a culture and tradition in this country”.

He further said, “Praveen Togadia is ready to give his life to the country, he has contributed a lot and such a person has been prohibited from attending the Samajotsava in Bengaluru. We have got an opportunity to serve our community. Muslims, Christians and Communists are attacking the Hindu community, moreover our own Hindus are harassing us”.

Recalling a story he said that a dog had gone on a tour around the country. It came back and said, “I have visited all the places in the country which are very beautiful. Wherever I went, other dogs came to bite me and my own are against me.”  He further said, “A man from the Hindu community once had said to urinate on the idols, but God came to know about it and his urine stopped forever. Our own people are creating problems for Hindus. India is a Hindu country, no one came here from outside. Some people for the sake of money, girl, land or wealth converted to other religions. Madav became Mohammed, Suhbas became Abbas, Dinesh become Dennis, Leela became Lilly and Sanidhya became Sanya. All are our own people. Some people ask ‘What is there if one converts?’ Madhava means Krishna, if he became Mohammed he will slaughter cows, and when Subhas becomes Abbas, he will convert girls in the name of Love Jihad. When Dinesh becomes Dennis and Leela becomes Lilly, they will convert others. So if they come back and Mohammed becomes Madhava, he will not slaughter cows; so will Abbas, Dennis and Lilly. When they come back, they will stop lifting girls and converting.”

“India is the only country where cows and women are considered as goddesses. When BJP was in power, it had brought the anti-cow slaughter bill but the Congress government withdrew the bill. The body of the cow thief, who was killed in Shringeri, was kept in Bava’s house and a compensation of Rs 50 lakh was demanded. The person who demanded compensation of Rs 50 lakh is the one from Gokarna…, who worships the cow as a Goddess.”

He further said that in the olden days when woman were abused Mahabarath and Ramayana started. “But now the Muslims in the name of Love jihad are taking thousands of girls from our community. When we had gone to rescue them, our youth have been booked under false cases and the government is supporting the culprits. To protect our sisters and mothers we are organizing various programmes”.

“In Ulaibettu, the pilgrims of Datta pita were assaulted. Ulaibettu is in India, it is our own place, we have the right to walk on the streets there and it is a public place. We were denied to walk on the street in Ulaibettu road. Whoever are converted they create such problems”.

“In Delhi 200 people were re-converted (Ghar Wapsi) which became a very big issue, the opposition did not allow to hold sessions in the Parliament for 4 days. Why did they re-convert? When the women were asked about it, they said, “In 2014-15 why should we wear burka?,  It’s very hot when we wear burka. When we have been gifted gold and beautiful dress, we do not have the chance to show it.’ They requested us to take them back. Some others said that we do not have a permanent husband. A Muslim woman married for 43 years with family was divorced by her husband saying Talaq thrice. She said, ‘I do not have a permanent husband but I need my daughter to have a permanent husband, so take us back’.”

For the past 50 years, people say that Hindus and Muslims fight but the fact is Hindus do not fight with anyone. Muslims are only responsible for the fighting. If there is Muslim programme, we do not trouble them nor do we stop them from doing the programme. If we beat drums, their God cannot bear the noise of the drums, we never trouble them, when they beat the drums. The land for the churches and mosques was donated by the Hindus, it is our land. Hindus themselves donated their land for the Churches and Mosques which was theirs from thousands of years.

“Because of our weak leaders, Bangladesh and Pakistan was created, it was our own land which we should get back. Our land is holy and we should not allow anyone to spoil it. The Samajotsava is to wake up the Hindus who are in deep slumber. In the past 1000 years, Muslims ruled our country for 700 years and destroyed it, later the Christians ruled for 250 years and they have spoilt our head”.

He also said, “In Puttur, Hemanath founded the Bharatiya Hindu Parishat. We welcome him. Vijaynath Vittal Shetty has also joined hands with us to save the Hindu community.” Recalling the attack on churches, he said that some monkeys from the New Life defamed Sharada Matha. “Who will not get angry if they write against our Sharada Matha” Our youth opposed them. They thought that nothing will happen and pelted stones, they even pelted stones at the police and got thrashed by the police. Will any police tolerate if they are pelted with stones?” he questioned. The incident happened when Yeddyurappa was the Chief minister and there was heavy pressure from Sonia Gandhi.”

“Later the American president Bush questioned former prime minister Manmohan Singh about the attack on churches. Mangaluru became world famous in that incident. When Christians and Muslims face problems, Christians and Muslims in other countries unite and fight for justice. But our community is in deep slumber, some have lost consciousness. We need to unite to strengthen the Hindu community. We tolerate everything because from many years we were shown the three monkeys and were told to close our eyes when a Muslim kidnaps a Hindu girl in the name of love jihad; to not listen when our cows were stolen and transported for slaughtering and to keep our mouths shut when our people were converted. We need to unite and work hand in hand to strengthen our community.”

He urged the youth to bring awareness among people about the Hindu Samajotsava and bring them to the programme. “We need to forget the differences and unite to make the Hindu Samajotsava a huge success.” He urged the youth to go to every house and invite everyone from every family for the Hindu Samajotsava.

Shri Shri Shri Rajayogi Ramananda Swami blessed the office and said that the youth should actively take part in the Hindu Samajotsava. He also called the Hindu youth to protect cows and women.

Vijaynath Shetty delivered the presidential address. District President of VHP Jagadish Shenava delivered the vote of thanks. Professor M B Puranik, B S Shetty, Jagadeep Suvarna, Kannada cine actor Srinagar Kitti, Pusparaj Jain and others were also present.

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