Mangaluru: We need to Think out of the Box – DC Ibrahim

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Mangaluru: The Karnataka Zakat and Charitable Trust organized a ‘Scholarship Distribution Programme’ for the poor and meritorious students at the Loyola Hall, St Aloysius PU College, here on January 11.

The chief guest for the programme was Deputy Commissioner AB Ibrahim.

In his keynote address, chairman of Karnataka Zakat and Charitable Trust Khalil Ahmed said, “Jobs will always be there for the meritorious and hard working students. You cannot sit at home and think that the job will come to you. So all along in the next 3-4 years after you graduate, you will be looking for jobs and hopefully things will be better than the way things are now. The last 2-3 years have been bad for the job market. There will be more opportunities coming your way, so please be prepared for it. Only if you know which destination you will go, you will find the work there. If you do not know the destination, it will be hard. But remember, India is a land of opportunities. There is no discrimination for the hard working and meritorious. We have a secular constitution. It gives us equal rights. So you need to understand and make the most of it. Have faith in God, have faith in yourself. Work hard and push yourselves further, nothing can stop you.”



DC A B Ibrahim speaking on the occasion said that now a days it is scary to read the newspapers because there are bad pictures which we have to see. “Where are we? What kind of life are we leading and who is responsible? The people who create fear in the society, don’t they have parents or siblings?” he questioned. He further said that we need to create a good society to lead a beautiful life. “Parents always dream of a better future for their children, they work day and night to educate their children. Then why are there untoward incidents taking place? We have to take a pledge to create a good society.” He also advised the students not to go against the will of their parents, instead to make their parents proud by their deeds.

Recalling his own life he said, “When I was small there was no proper electricity and I used to study with the light of a lamp. I had to use a boat to reach school and it was very difficult to pursue education. In such a situation if I could become a DC, now with all the modern facilities available for students why don’t you become the IPS, IAS, DC or good leaders?”

“With our deeds we have to make our parents, teachers, institution and the community proud. If you cannot make it, please do not make people bow their heads in shame.” He also said that the minority community always thinks that they are discriminated, but in reality “we are ourselves running away from our responsibilities. No one is discriminated in the name of religion and we should remove such thinking from our minds. Our country has unity in diversity and there are 1500 languages, we have a very rich heritage. We must be a part of civil service so that we can meet and experience various people and their culture.”
While concluding he said that we must be good citizens of the country and take initiative to change the society. “Youth should not follow the wrong path, they should always listen to their parents and lead a disciplined life in the society.”

Chairman of BIT Syed Beary, K M Sharif, Shahid and A Takori were also present.

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