Mangaluru: Wearing Seat Belt to be made Mandatory – DC A B Ibrahim

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Mangaluru: The district administration held a road safety meeting on implementing strict traffic rules in the city at the deputy commissioner’s office here on March 17.

Addressing the meeting, DC A B Ibrahim advised the DCP of Crime Vishnuvardhan to make wearing of seat belts mandatory for all four wheel drivers. In other cities, wearing seat belt is mandatory and if anyone is found not wearing the seat belt, it is a violation of law. He also said that speed breakers should be installed to control the speed in the Mangaluru City Corporation limits.

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DCP Vishnuvardhan said that for the smooth flow of vehicles and keeping the safety of the people in mind, 31 humps have been installed at various places in the city. The erection of the sign boards and cat eye is pending which will be done soon.

MCC Commissioner Hephsiba Rani said that all humps have been marked with paint in all the 31 places.

Discussions were held to make auto rickshaw stands and bus bays in the city. MCC commissioner said that in 18 places, junctions will be developed and the tender process is also over. Once it is finalized, we will start developing the junctions.

The DC also said that there is a need to build bus-stops in 40 places and display the route numbers at the bus-stops. “On February 23, we have submitted a memorandum to build a underpass at U P Mallya Road, B G School and Hampankatta.

In response, the MCC commissioner said that a bus bay in Bavuta Gudda has been developed.

Auto Rickshaw parks:

DC Ibrahim had identified 97 auto rickshaw parks. According to that the Mangaluru City Corporation will develop the autorickshaw parks. 12 auto rickshaw parks which are obstructing the smooth flow of the traffic should be vacated immediately. They are Golikatte Bazar, Baitha Katte, near Hindi Prachar Samiti Hall, Matadakani near Virabhadra Temple, Sangha Niketan Cross Road, Mannagudda Warehouse, near Narayanaguru School, Kudroli Temple Main Entrance, Empire Mall, Circuit House Junction, Unity Hospital and Dr Ambedkar Circle.

The DC also advised to complete the road concreting work soon. “Epoxy paint should be done on Zebra crossing, Signal lights should be repaired and in densely populated areas, parking facilities should be made for private vehicles.”

Hephsiba said that contract has been given to install signal lights at 6 junctions and a tender for the widening of the junctions has been called. The installation of the signal lights will start soon.

There was a complaint about the seating arrangement in the bus for the handicap, ladies and senior citizens that the seats reserved for them are occupied by others. The DC ordered the RTO to take strict measures to ensure that the rules are followed.

The DC also informed to install CCTV cameras in sensitive places in the city within a month, such as near churches, temples, malls petrol pumps, schools and markets, where the movement of the people is more.

Responding to the DC, DCP of law and order Santosh Babu said that CCTV cameras will be installed in all the important locations with high resolution cameras. CCTV cameras will also be installed in the buses for the safety of the passengers.

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