Mangaluru: What a Rip-Off? Private Water Tanker Owners charging Rs 600/1000 for Water Supply

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“Don’t rush and pay big bucks to private water tanker owners to supply water, instead call the MCC helpline at 0824-2220306, all those who are desperately in need of drinking water. According to Gokuldas Nayak- MCC Commissioner In-charge, 11 water tankers, more will be added soon, will supply water to particular areas- but residents are required to fetch the water from the tankers when they arrive at their locations, since the tankers will not fill your under or overhead house tanks”

Mangaluru: Instead of taking pity and supplying water at reasonable rates to the people who are under the spell of water shortage due the MCC water pipes burst near Kannur, the local private water tanker owners have been taking advantage of this water crisis by charging city residents Rs 500 up to Rs 1000 depending on the quantity of water required by them. Although I have been helpful in supplying water to two of my nearby neighbours from our well through pump/water pipes, but few other neighbors where I couldn’t help them out, since the length of the water pipe was little short, landed up in paying big bucks to the private water tanker owners to supply them water. In spite of them complaining about the outrageous prices charged for the water supply to MCC or other district authorities, no one has bothered to take any action.

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According to reports, one good Samaritan, Sanath Kumar in PL Colony at Jeppu yesterday morning went out of his way by hiring a submersible pumpset with pipes from a dealer and drew water from an open well and supplied water to nearly 20 houses in his surrounding area- but by noon he had to return the pumpset back since there was a heavy demand for it. But when people are facing one of the worst times trying to get some drinking water, and these greedy private water tanker owners charging exorbitant prices is not right- and the district authorities or MCC officials should look into this matter and take action.

In the meantime, many areas are still without MCC water for the fourth day, but according to MCC reports, the repair on the broken 18MGD pipeline still continues and the work is expected to complete soon. Mangaluru’s only water supply connection from Mangaluru City Corporation’s (MCC) vented dam in Thumbay went inoperative since Saturday after two 18MGD pipelines broke at Kannur in the city outskirts. Of the two 18MGD pipelines that were damaged, one was restored on Monday. As a result, water supply to some parts of the city was restored. The repair work on the second pipeline is being done by the engineering department of the MCC. However, the work is being delayed due to accumulation of water in the area where the pipeline is damaged. It is learnt that the pipelines were damaged due to illegal dumping of high-volume debris from construction sites at a vacant site in Kannur.

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Deputy commissioner A B Ibrahim speaking to the media has said that the work is expected to complete by Wednesday. “The repair work is going on, but water flow is not under control. Since there is spring in the area, the work is being affected. But all efforts are in force to make sure the work is completed at the earliest, and that water is supplied to everyone,” has said DC.

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James Fernandes
8 years ago

Pretty soon they will start selling ‘Diet water’ in bottles,
Like Diet coke or Diet Peps!
Good for diabetic lethargic ones.

Joe D'Souza
8 years ago

A Elected Official of the City is also a Water tanker man charging big bucks. You folks find out who it is and also ask his tanker driver how they charge. And then take action.