Mangaluru: With Love and Compassion White Doves Celebrates 14th Anniversary

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Mangaluru: White Doves, a home for the Destitues celebrated its annual day at its premises at Mannagudda, here on February 25.

Bishop of Mangaluru Dr Aloysius Paul D’Souza celebrated the mass along with the Parish Priest of Urva Church Fr Victor D’Mello. There was a stage programme after the Mass.

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The programme began with a welcome dance. Inmate of White Doves Lakshmikanth Desai welcomed the gathering.

Speaking on the occasion Bishop Dr Aloysius said that White Doves is a place where the love of Jesus is being manifested through service to the least of the brethren. “Here is a place where compassionate love is poured out on the people who nobody loves or cares. Here is a place where Jesus is really present. Therefore I have great admiration and appreciation for Corine and Vitus because these are the ones who have been Chosen by Jesus to continue his mission of love. Sometimes she has faced problems created by some people because they do not want to see good being done. As followers of Jesus we serve and treat people with love”.

“The institute of St Antony at Jeppu which is 120 years old, has 440 destitutes being looked after by the diocese. There is a house of the sisters of charity which is opposite to St Antony’s where equal number of people have been looked after. There is little sisters of the poor taking care of 80 inmates and one house in Ujire, taking care of 300 destitutes, all picked up from the road. Almost 300 children are being sent to school and some are studying in English medium because they are brilliant students. During the last judgement day God will ask only one question that is, when I was thirsty, hungry and homeless, did you feed me, give me shelter and take care of me? We all should do good work. If Corine is doing this great work, we have to support and strengthen her. She was desperately looking for a place to build a home for the destitutes and I was feeling sad for her. I asked many people, she was looking for a place not for her but for others, Finally I decided and gave her 49 cents of land at Maroli where she will build the house for the destitutes, let God bless her.”

We have to continue the work which God has asked us to do. He also said that it is a testing time for us, the days ahead may not be the same and as comfortable as now. We should have the trust in Jesus, he will not let us down. He has redeemed us by laying down his life for us. The Bishop also condemned the attack on St Joseph Vaz worship centre at Paneer.

While concluding Bishop Aloysius recalled a story of a small boy who was window shopping and a woman was shopping for Christmas. The woman who noticed the boy, after finishing her shopping, came out and found the boy still looking at the things which were kept inside the store. She took the boy inside the store and purchased new dress and sweets for him. The boy thanked the woman and asked her, “Are you the wife of Jesus”? The woman said “No”. The boy immediately said, then you must be his sister. Because God is goodness, he thought she must be related to God. Are you his sisters/brothers? This is what we should be to continue what Jesus has done. Let us not be selfish, let us be selfless, charitable and loving in our words and deeds.

Commissioner of Excise George Pinto said that to see God, we need not go to the church, palace or malls but we can find God in such destitute homes. In this world everyone has the right to lead a respectful life. Some people have power and money, some are deprived. White doves is serving the destitutes in their homes with special care and love. For some reason some people do not have a job, money and the poor people do not have respect in this world. But White doves has formed a institution to take care of the neglected.

Recalling the statement of Bhagwat about Mother Teresa’s service, he said “Let them criticize the service of mother Teresa, let us do our work and show them that we are the followers of Jesus. We all should join hands with White doves to serve the less fortunate”.

The founder president of White Doves Corine Rasquinha delivered the vote of thanks. Manager of White Doves Gerald Fernandes compered the programme. Treasurer of White doves Jerome Coelho read out the Annual report.

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