Mangaluru: You’re Never Too Old to have Fun! Seniors Unleash Talents at KMC Nava Chaitanya A-Day Bash

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“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young”-  Henry Ford

” An archaeologist is the best husband a woman can have. The older she gets, the more interested he is in her”- Agatha Christie

Mangaluru: There is no age limit when you are capable of having some fun and want to party- even senior citizens know how to party hard and have fun and frolic. Imagine a 82 year old lady, Lily Veigas swinging her body to a Bollywood tune, and a couple other grandmas lifting their legs and shaking their hips to the “Lungi Dance” hit from Chennai Express Hindi movie. Imagine a teeth-less 80 year-old “young damsel” singing and enthralling the audience with her best solo performance, all that and much more talents were unleashed at the Kasturba Medical College Nava Chaitanya Annual Day Celebrations at KMC Attavar. Looking at all these grandmas and grandpas quite active and bubbling with enthusiasm and in jovial mood, one can surely say that “You’re Never Too Old to Have fun”! The vintage revelers did rock the house with their sizzling and unbelievable performances.

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In today’s civilized social structure, it is disturbing to see a trend of senior citizens being deprived of their comforts, particularly by children being indifferent to their aged parents at a time when the parents need parental care most. It is to look after such orphaned aged persons and also those senior citizens who need help managing their health, that some service-minded organizations like KMC Nava Chaitanya and Mangalore Alzheimer’s Association (MAA) have come forward to render their yeoman service in giving comfort, advice and love to these old-age citizens.  I was very much touched by interacting with these seniors, who shared their views and news, which also brought back memories of my beloved parents who left for their Heavenly abode, due to old-age years back.

The KMC Nava Chaitanya Annual Day celebration commenced with a inspirational prayer song sung by Rita Rodrigues and team of Nava Chaitanya. Zahid Hussain Baji-President of KMC Nava Chaitanya welcomed the guests and the dignitaries on the dais namely- Chief Guest Jerardin D’Souza- Founder of MAA, Guest of honor- T G Shenoy- Retd, DGM of Canara Bank, Dr Prabha Adhikari- Director, Nava Chaitanya, and Premalatha -HR Executive.The programme was inaugurated by lighting the traditional lamp by the chief guest along with other dignitaries on the dais.

Dr Prabha Adhikari addressing the audience said, ” 13 years ago when we started this organization we never thought it would grow strong and serve the purpose of the needy senior citizens in their health and other issues.  The organization was started to provide health benefits for senior citizens, and presently nearly 1000 senior citizens are regularly exercising at Bejai, Attavar and Kodialbail centres. The centres also organize free health check-up camps for members every month.

The centres also provide opportunity for seniors to meet each other every day so that they can share their experiences and a platform for them to showcase their talents. No fee is charged from the poor at these centres. Reasonable  fee is charged for those who can afford. In addition to daily exercise, low cost medicines are distributed to members. I have made my father immortal by involving myself in the activities of Nava Chaitanya and dedicating myself to a needy cause”.

‘What cant be cured has to be endured”, but in Alzheimer’s Affected, the Family and Care givers have to Endure & Learn to endure more. Alzheimer’s is responsible for 50 to 60% of the memory loss disease in the various forms of Dementia and taking care of diabetes , Alcoholic dementia etc ,can help. We can surely hope for better Service and Awareness on this lesser known affliction that is “”ALZHEIMERS” , and the doors of Mangalore Alzheimer’s Association is always open to anyone who needs help and advice-call us and we will be happy to enroll you as a member and give our best service ” said Jerardin D’Souza.

D’Souza further said, ” Although I had a state position where most of my colleagues were politicians, but I feel that I would rather be with happy people like these seniors than the boring politicians. We should not worry about death, instead worry how we can live a happy and joyful life. Let us all have a happy and nice life while we are alive. MAA needs support and encouragement from the public so that we can do better for the Seniors and Alzheimer’s patients. Your support and contribution will be MAA’s success”.

T G Shenoy delivering a witty speech said, ” Chaitanya has become Nava Chaitanya- that’s an improvement and surely the organization has reached greater heights through the leadership of Dr Prabha Adhikari and her team. Aacha Din as predicted by PM Modi, will surely materialize soon. As seniors we should all be active and involve ourselves in various co-curricular activities and exercises. We should be immortal. Like they say that praying together is much more effective, so working together in a group and in unity can bring more effectiveness and better results. Seniors should also concentrate on their health conditions by doing regular medical check-ups, do regular exercise, follow strict diet, etc. Married couples need to adjust among themselves and have a better understanding between them-then only you can live peacefully and happy. Happiness can make you live longer, so be happy and live long “.

The vote of thanks was delivered by K Manjunath- Secretary of Nava Chaitanya, while the formal part of the programme was compered by Rita Rodrigues, while the cultural proceedings was compered by Sushila Rao. Following the formal programme, the cultural entertainment kicked-off with various performances in the form of singing, dancing and skit showcased by the young members of Nava Chaitanya, and also assisted by a few KMC Attavar staff. Kudos should go to Narmada- a ECG Technician at KMC Attavar for her excellent choreography and direction in getting these “artists” give their best performances. In conclusion, all I have to say is that the “Seniors Simply Rocked”, and proved to the audience that there is no such thing like “Old-age” while you still can live and perform like “Young-age”!

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