Manguluru: Dr Edmond Fernandes proposes Community Policing

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Mangaluru: In a letter to the Superintendent of Police, Dr Edmond Fernandes, a medical doctor and social activist has proposed Community Policing for Dakshina Kannada District.

He says that community policing as a concept has roots in ancient India. Preventive, investigative and prosecuting duties can be traced back to Kautilya. The administrative difficulties that exist and co-exist, and given the difficult geography being a coastal belt, Dakshina Kannada remains vulnerable to all kinds of illegal un-democratic alternatives.

In the initial phase of the community policing concept, Un-armed training for lay citizens has been proposed. With growing incidences of violence and crime, especially against women, unarmed training remains by far the best bet individually.

In order to address concerns of drug trafficking and crime, he suggested that Community policing members should be taught about information gathering and vigilance including Coastal vigilance to follow an SOP. Non disclosure agreement of the informant needs to be maintained.

Students from every college can also be selected to become community police members, but this would be restricted to their own college. Involving students will not only bridge the divide between society and police, but will also help supply vital information of drug related issues. It will also build an accord and bond with the police and society.

The Deputy Commissioner for Dakshina Kannada District has been copied in the letter. This is a very novel concept to this part of the coast and if brought to birth will mark a new era of public police friendship.

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