Manipal: Zilla Panchayat Members Boycott General Meeting over Absence of Revenue Officials

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Manipal: Zilla Panchayat members boycotted the 19th general meeting over the absence of revenue officials and Assistant Commissioner on Saturday, January 3.

The ZP members, while discussing the issues of land conversion, noticed the absence of revenue officials. They appealed to the Chief Executive Officer of the Zilla Panchayat to initiate stringent action on the officials and boycotted the meeting for a short while.












The Zilla Panchayat members alleged that the officials are taking the Panchayat meetings for granted following the statement of R Vishal, Deputy Commissioner in the Taluk Panchayat, Kundapur. They also alleged that the Deputy Commissioner intends to bring back the British system to suppress the Panchayat Raj system.

President Savitha Shivanad Kotian and ZP CEO Kanagavalli assured the members that the revenue officials would be called to the afternoon session but the members were not satisfied with the assurances and walked out. Savitha Shivanand Kotian later convinced the members who later joined the afternoon session.

Anand Muwadi, ZP member, said that under section 143 of Panchayat Raj, serving a prior notice of 15 days an officer can be asked to attend the meeting. The Deputy Commissioner instead of following the rules was backing his views saying that the officials had no obligation of attending the meeting. The Deputy Commissioners’ statement has affected the Panchayat Raj system.

The members condemned the statement of R Vishal saying that the officials had no obligation attending the Taluk Panchayat meeting.

Manjunath Poojary said that the public outrage was witnessed on the Kasturigan Report and the efforts made by the District Administration on addressing the issue is in vain. He said, “We will not accept the report at any cost as it destroys the lives of the people.”

DFO Ravishanker IFS said that for physical verification of the areas coming the under the Kasturirangan Report, the Karnataka Bio-Diversity Board in October had sent a notification to the District Administration to hold discussions on the report. They had instructed to complete the physical survey within a period of one month and report the same to the state government. He also said that it was not possible to survey the area covered in the report and a report has been sent to the Government of Karnataka on the same.

Ganapathi T Sriyan said that the incomplete Varahi, National Highway projects have ruined the lives of the people. He pleaded the district administration to take a serious note of the same. Varahi officials said that the technical issues with the project have been solved and water will be supplied from Left Bank Canal in March.

ZP members also condemned the statement of Panchayat Development Officers complaining that the ZP members were interfering in their work.

Mamatha Adikari said that miscreants had damaged the school premises in Shankernarayana. The DDPI said that a case has been booked in Shankernarayana police station.

Prakash Mendon, Vice President ZP; Arun Shetty Padur, Indira Shetty, Gauri Devadiga, Standing Committee Presidents; Project Director Vijay Kumar Shetty, Chief Accounts Officer Timmappa Shetty and others were present.

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