Matrimonials- First Step To The Big Step

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Matrimonial Advertising is an important tool in taking the first step towards an arranged marriage. It is important to portray oneself in a positive light. Ads are very significant in getting suitable alliances. So, it is imperative that they are carefully tailored to put out your best and get the best in return.

This article is on matrimonial ads by men. I urge the readers not to get an impression that I am biased since there is no mention of women advertisers. I haven?t delved on women ads yet. I was browsing through different Matrimonial websites trying to find a suitable match for my beautiful friend Celine. Now as I was reading through the ads, I couldn?t help but have different reactions to each of them. I gathered that there were many kinds of prospective suitors.

The first kind I came across were artists of self-pity. Their personal descriptions were enough to point to the lack of self-esteem in them. For example, one started his opening line as “Thanks for at least giving a little glance to my picture.” I read this before I saw his picture. But I’d formed my impression even before I saw it. Now, what I am saying is that words do matter. They do add an inch or more to your personality. So, my advice to this kind is to treat yourself with love and respect. For what you give is what you get in return. Don?t think of yourself as less blessed than another.
The second kind that I came across was men who made a lot of spelling mistakes.  As a matter of fact, they were pretty noticeable. Now, let me say that that can turn off girls. So watch out, do a spell check. It costs nothing.

….It is important to portray oneself in a positive light…..

The third kind of people I noticed were the ones who were over-confident and trying really hard to make an impression. Now that can backfire. For example, some went on to say, “Welcome gals??? Best of luck gals”, “Hi cute girls out there.”
Now that sounded more like some sort of art exhibition to me. Come, look and go. The latter sounded like he was looking for fun rather than a serious match. I gather this kind like to appear “cool” to others. Nothing wrong in being positive but just don’t be overdramatic.

Another kind I noticed were the ones who loved making long sentences. It reminded me of school days when we had to answer in one sentence. The students would cram everything they knew in one sentence and then put a period (full stop). It did not matter if the sentence went on to fill a page as long as you did not put a period in between. Now, I think when it comes to advertising, its best to make short sentences. That way the reader can make the most out of available information.

One more kind I noticed were the ones who were inconsistent. They contradicted themselves. For instance, in one ad, the person said he wanted to meet girls in person, as pictures were not personality indicators. The very person in a more recent ad had posted his picture. Now, at least he should have remembered to delete his previous profile.

And finally to the wise ones. They usually begin their sentence with a proverb/wise saying. It is not always necessary to do so.

But it is nevertheless interesting. I think the smart ones introduce themselves briefly and then get to the point. They talk about what they are (strong selling points) and what they want (go-getter attitudes). The moment you come across such ads, you sense a lot of positive energy. You don?t see such ads for long since they are successful in getting their target.    

I could go on ranting but my point in writing this article is to help people see from a third person’s point of view. Sometimes, it helps to change one’s presentation to help people see you better. Don’t let dejection get the better of you.

If ever you wonder why success hasn’t knocked on your door yet, maybe its time to change the door. Next time you post an ad, make sure you paint a brighter picture of the amazing you. 

Author: Shania Fernandes- USA

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