MBA Honours Judiciary Stalwarts Justice Abdul Nazeer and Michael D’Cunha

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MBA Honours Judiciary Stalwarts Justice Abdul Nazeer and Michael D’Cunha

Mangaluru: The releasing of Group Insurance for Advocates was held at the Court premises here on November 4.

The programme began with an invocation. President of the Mangalore Bar Association M R Ballal welcomed the gathering.

Supreme Court Judge Justice S Abdul Nazeer released the Group Insurance policy on the occasion. Justice Abdul Nazeer was felicitated by the Bar Association with Mysuru Peta, garland, citation, memento and fruits.

Addressing the gathering Justice Abdul Nazeer said, “For me Coming to Mangaluru is like a daughter going to her parent’s house after marriage. When someone is emotionally charged he is not supposed to talk. Today if I have reached to where I am, it is because of the support from the Mangaluru Advocates. I am very lucky to get very good advocates as my seniors especially Advocate Vijay Kumar. I am very happy and I assure you that I will not let you down. You have shown affection and love, I along with my wife are very grateful to you all.”

Justice John Michael D’Cunha was also felicitated on the occasion. Addressing the gathering Justice Michael D’Cunha said, “I would like to thank all the Mangaluru Bar Association members for felicitating me. For me being an Additional Judge of the Karnataka High Court is not an achievement but a change of place. Those who change the places change the fate. I have changed the place and changed my fate and all the credit goes to the MBA. In the beginning, I did not have any Godfather or relative to guide me where to go.”

Michael D’Cunha further said, “In any profession, money is not important but values are important. With learning and values, we should build our profession. Whatever I am today, my success I dedicate it to the Mangaluru Bar Association”.

Administrative Judge Justice B V Nagaratna delivered the presidential address and said, “Mangaluru Bar Association is producing such courageous men and women. This bar has the high traditions of maintaining ethics. The lawyers are so good that the Judges pass the correct judgement. The legal profession now is at crossroads. The juniors are proceeding in the opposite direction. I appeal to the senior members of the Bar to re-assume their responsibility to mould their juniors so that your good traditions and high standards of ethics and professional abilities continue in the profession. If the bar will not give good support to the Bench or to the judges, the judges will not be able to render justice and it will be the collapse of the rule of law. And if there is a collapse of the rule of law it is a danger to democracy itself. I appeal to the seniors to see that democracy is maintained in our country. The role of lawyers is not less in this regard. If the lawyers are able to assist the bench with full capacity, the bench will definitely respond with good quality judgement.”

Secretary of Mangaluru Bar association Dinakar Shetty delivered the vote of thanks. Prl District & Sessions Judge K S Bilagi, Advocate P P Hegde and others were also present.

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  1. Greetings, Justice John Michael D’Cunha.

    Justice D’Cunha is a man of great integrity. He does not need to send press releases about himself, or conduct press meets to publish his deeds.

    He will remain an inspiration and role model to his community and Karnataka for a long time to come.

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