MCA-EC Holds Stunning 2018 Summer Picnic Event

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MCA-EC Holds Stunning 2018 Summer Picnic Event

USA: June 9, 2018, was a gorgeous sunny day perfect for the MCA-EC 2018 Summer Picnic and a gift from mother nature as the MCA-EC was started exactly nine years ago, on this day, June 9, 2009. It looks like all the stars were aligned for a Summer Picnic like no other. The new MCA-EC Executive Board had worked tirelessly to ensure that the event was well coordinated with games for all ages, great food & music, a line danceathon and a Konkani sing-along session for the attendees.

The picnic started at 9:30 AM with Reshma, Jessie, Violet and Arine handling the registration activities with finesse that resulted in a smooth registration process. The attendees walking in were greeted to the sound of hit Bollywood tunes expertly spun by DJ Clayton Monis.and a hearty breakfast.

The Emcee’s for the picnic, the very lively and enthusiastic Arun Menezes and Dinesh D’Costa, showed their expertise in getting the attendees to participate in the myriad games spanning all age groups.

A lot of games held for all ages, right from the tiny tots to the senior citizens were organized. If you had to look from a helicopter, the entire ground would look like a mini carnival, with so many people scattered different areas of the park playing different games. There was not a moment of boredom. Every corner of the Park had some activity going on. From the gents having their cricket tournament in one end to the ladies having their throwball tournament on the other. From kids aged 3-4 having their games on another end to the teenagers having their slice of fun on the opposite end. Details of all the games and winners are listed below. Check out if any of your relatives/friends won a trophy.

Sister Gretta, who is the Spiritual Director of the group, said a small prayer blessing the food for lunch.

Lunch was authentic Mangalorean cuisine with pork, sannas, chicken sukka, rice and saar.

Aarti D’Souza, the current President of MCA-EC, introduced the other new members of the Executive Board in a very articulate style highlighting the strengths of each Executive Board Member, which was well received and applauded by the entire crowd. The new members of the Board are

Aarti D’Souza – President
Melrin D’Silva Sequeira– Vice President
Ben Sequeira – Treasurer
Anita Pinto – Regional Coordinator
Lydia D’Souza – General Secretary

All the precious moments of the picnic were captured by the very hardworking Christopher Monis. Christopher made sure that not even a single moment was missed and was seen running from pillar to post to capture that perfect shot.

The Board members handed out to the winners of all the games, tournaments beautiful medals, trophies and certificates. They were all showcase worthy. Also, the previous Board Members, Advisory Council members, Social Activities Committee and Ex-Gurkars/Gurkarns were felicitated as well.


Game 3-5:

Game 1: Bucket and Balls

Winners: 1st Prize Chelsi
2nd Prize Neola Pinto

Game 3-5:
Game 2: Passing the Balloon

Winners: 1st Prize Neola Pinto
2nd Prize Ivanka Menezes

Games 6-10:
Bucket & Marble

Winners: 1st Prize Isha D’Souza
2nd Prize: Nishelle Pinto

Games 6-10:
Spoon & Marble

Winners: 1st Prize Dale D’Cunha
2nd Prize: Kiera D’Souza

Game 11-14:
Ball Toss in Basket

Winners: 1st Prize Sean
2nd Prize: Jiselle D’Souza

Game 11-14:
Ring Toss

Winners: 1st Prize Sheryl D’Mello
2nd Prize: Melody Pinto

Game 15-18:
Capture the Flag

Winner: Team “Army” – Brendan Sequeira, Neil Correa, Darrel D’Souza, Michelle D’Souza, Shawn D’Mello, Meldon Mendonca, Melanie Mendonca, Caroline D’ Souza

Games 15-18:
Balloon Race

Winners: 1st Prize Melanie Mendonca
2nd Prize: Michelle D’Souza

Men – Cricket:

Winner: Team A – Victor Sequeira, Allwyn Saldanha, Manoj Mascarenhas, Miguel Mascarenhas, Aravind D’Souza, Danny Aranha, Gerald Pinto, Gavin Pinto, Stephen D’Souza, Navin Pothan, Avis D’Souza.

Women – Throwball:

Winner: Team C – Janice Seravo, Sister Greta, Steffi Rodrigues, Monthi D’Cunha, Shyna D’Cunha, Merlin Mendonca, Reena Menezes, Florine Lobo, Florine Pinto.

Game 1: Passing the Hoop

Winners: 1st Prize Teresa Correa
2nd Prize: Hilda D’Cunha

Game 2:
Bombing the Team

Winners: 1st Prize Gratian D’Souza
2nd Prize: Santhar Mendonca

Marian Kamath from the FAEE organization spoke about collaborating with the MCA-EC to continue their philanthropic activities to sponsor underprivileged and needy kids from South Kanara district. All future fundraising efforts of the FAEE will be channelled through the MCA-EC. He also mentioned about the possibility of sponsoring some of the CASC efforts in promoting education for talented and needy children.

There was a very melodious Konkani sing-along session led by Merlin Mendonca accompanied by Raulson Sequeira and Wilbur D’Souza on guitars.

As the former President, Sydney Lasrado so expertly stated “Teamwork makes the dream work” and that was very evident in today’s picnic, with all the volunteers and members working together to make it an extremely enjoyable event.

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