MCA-EC Holds Summer Picnic 2017

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MCA-EC Holds Summer Picnic 2017

USA: It is said that a picnic celebrates Summer like no one else can, let me correct that, MCA-EC celebrates Summer like no one else can. And so for those who were hankering for that kind of summer picnic, MCA-EC had it covered. On June 10th, MCA-EC had their Annual Summer Picnic along with 200 people in Duke Island Park, Somerset NJ.

The picnic started at 9:30 AM local time with Reshma, Diana, Eric and Violet handling the registration activities.

The Emcee’s for the picnic, the very multi-faceted Saritha Pinto and Anita Soares took charge of conducting the events for the picnic. They were truly instrumental in taking the picnic from plain to perfection.

A lot of games held for all ages, right from the tiny tots to the senior citizens were organised. If you had to look from a helicopter, the entire ground would look like a mini carnival, with so many people scattered different areas of the park playing different games. There was not a moment of boredom. Each and every corner of the Park had some activity going on. From the gents having their cricket tournament at one end to the ladies having their throwball tournament on the other. From kids aged 3-4 having their games on another end to the teenagers having their slice of fun on the opposite end. Details of all the games, volunteers and winners are listed below. Check out if any of your relatives/friends won a trophy.

All the precious moments of the picnic were captured by the very hardworking duo of Don Lewis and Christopher Monis. They made sure that not even a single moment is missed and hence were seen running from pillar to post to capture that perfect shot.

Sister Gretta who is the Spiritual Director of the group said a small prayer blessing the food for lunch.

The Board members handed out to the winners of all the games, tournaments beautiful medals, trophies, rosettes and certificates. They were all showcase worthy. Also, the previous Board Members, Advisory Council members and Ex-gurkars/gurkarns were felicitated as well.

The purpose of life is not to be happy – but to matter, to be productive, to be useful, to have made some difference that you have lived at all. That is what the volunteers at our MCA-EC event showcased. Their sheer passion for assisting and ensuring that the organization event went without any hiccups is highly appreciated and admirable.

MCA-EC strongly believes in promoting culture and connecting people. Our organization continues to grow each and every year. And this is possible because of our current members inviting families of their friends. So please continue to do that, in fact, we would like to remind everyone that our association is not secluded to have only Mangalorean Catholic. Yes, the roots and foundation of this Organisation are definitely Mangalorean, but that doesn’t mean that non-Mangalorean Catholics cannot join. So if you have friends/family members who are not Mangalorean Catholics please do invite them / introduce them to our organisation. So please if you know of someone who still hasn’t joined our organisation and who you feel will be a great fit, please do introduce MCA-EC to them. We would just say that we continue with that same spirit that MCA-EC continues, whenever any outsider migrates/visits this part of the country and if they don’t have any family, they know there will be one family who they can count on, and that is this MCA-EC Family.

Volunteers: Jacintha Fernandes

Game 1: Bucket and Balls
Winners: Kaydi Saldanha & Aaston Seravo

Game 2: 3-Legged race
Winners: 1st Prize Aston Seravo & Irel D’Souza
2nd Prize: Kaydi Saldanha & Aurna

Games 3: Sack race
Winners: 1st Prize Shannon D’cunha
2nd Prize: Dale D’Cunha

Game 4: Bangle and Straw
Winners: 1st Prize Kiera, Shannon, Shanessa, Isha
2nd Prize: Vedika, Sasha, Joanne, Nathan

Games 5: Sack race
Winners: 1st Prize Cleon Monis
2nd Prize: Luke Menezes

Games 6: Balloon Race
Winners: 1st Prize Darrel Dsouza and Jonathan Pinto
2nd Prize: Michelle D’Souza & Melanie Mendonca

Game 7: Flip the Bottle
Winners: 1st Prize Meldon Mendonca
2nd Prize: Jonathan Pinto

Games  8:Clap and Catch
Winners: 1st Prize Melanie Mendonca
2nd Prize: Caroline Lewis

Games 9:Scavenger hunt
Winners: 1 st Prize Melanie Mendonca, Neil Correa, Sheryl D, Caroline Lewis

Game 10 Senior Citizen:  Marshmallows and Chopsticks
Winners: 1st Prize Josephine Macwan
2nd Prize: Lucy Aranha

Game 11 Senior Citizen:
Game of 2

Winners: 1st Prize Deog and Mahendra

Game 12: Cooking Contest
Winner: Anthony Serrao

Game 13: Cricket Tournament

Victor Sequeira, Savio Soares, Avis Dsouza, Glen Saldanha, Arvind Dcunha, Arvin Sequeira, John B, Monthu D’Silva, Santhosh D’Mello, Violet Monis, Suprith D’Mello

Throwball Tournament:

Fabina D’Souza, Maria Pereira, Norma, Aarti D’Souza, Arlene Sequeira, Shilpa Menezes, Rajani Sequeira, Anita Soares, Priya Dmello

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