MCC Cracks Down on People Not Wearing Face Masks- Fined & Nearly Rs 6K Collected

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MCC Cracks Down on People Moving Around with No Face Masks- Fined & Nearly Rs 6000 Collected in few hours in few prominent places in the City

Mangaluru: Even after repeated warnings from the DC, MCC Commissioner and MCC Mayor, people have been ignoring such warnings, and have been flouting the Covid- 19 rules and regulations, like not wearing face masks and not following social distancing. The sad part is that even after even after there has been a spike of Covid-19 cases daily and also few deaths daily in DK/Mangaluru, people have still not taken the pandemic seriously, instead have been flouting the coronavirus guidelines.

As warned by the Mayor during the recent councillors meeting, that MCC will take action and fine people for not wearing face masks, this Saturday morning, 26 September, MCC officials with the help of City Traffic police cracked down on a bunch of pedestrians and motorists, especially two-wheeler riders. This action was taken following widespread complaints from the public on social media and calls made to MCC. While doing the check, it was clarified that face masks are necessary only when there are two or more people in a car. Even street vendors not wearing face masks were fined.

A MCC official speaking to Team Mangalorean said “If a person is driving his or her car and is alone, then there is no need for a mask. If there are more than one person traveling in the car, then the mask is a must. Mask is not mandatory while running, jogging or walking”. Within a few hours nearly rs 6000 was collected as fines from the offenders, and the drive will continue in further days too. Like always, trying to give reasons when caught by officials conducting checks on motorists for mask-rule compliance, there have been allegations that action against people is often arbitrary since there is no clarity on the rule.

Ramesh G T, an IT employee said that he was driving to his office when he was penalized at Clock Tower for not wearing a mask “I was alone in the car. Why should I wear a mask? It’s suffocating to drive with a mask,” added Ramesh. Swetha, a college student who was penalised for not wearing a mask, while riding her scooty said “I was wearing a full-face helmet. How can I wear a mask under a visor and ride?” she said.

The checks on people not wearing masks were done under the leadership of Mangaluru City Corporation Health Officer Dr Manjayya Shetty, and other MCC, joined by City traffic police. This action by MCC also comes after Dakshina Kannada District Deputy Commissioner Dr Rajendra K V, clarified that wearing of masks is also mandatory for people employed in hotels, restaurants, commercial complexes, malls, shops and also those visiting them to wear masks. Social distancing norms must be maintained at any cost. It is the responsibility of shop owners to strictly enforce social distance and other rules. They need to take all precautions to make sure that rules are not violated,” had said DC.

He said that the Mangaluru city commissioner, and chief officers of local bodies, should appoint a nodal officer in their jurisdictions to ensure that Covid rules are followed without fail and the district administration should be kept posted. He also warned that people not wearing a mask in the public will be fined, and therefore they should follow the Covid-19 guidelines. The DC had also said that in case of shops which are found violating rules relating to wearing of masks, social distancing etc they will be fined Rs 1,000 for the first offence, and the fine will go up to Rs 2,000 and 3,000 for second and third violations for which warning will be issued. Any business having more than three violations, their licences would be cancelled.

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  1. Dr. Manjayya Shetty,thanks for the good job MCC is doing. But there are few other things which are ignored by Your MCC group and Police along with Smart City Engineers and other Senior and Junior Engineers of MCC. For Examples as follows:
    1 Why is that your Health Group as well as Traffic Police do not see that Buses going through every Junction of City are over crowded ignoring distant contact. Even Bus Drivers and Conductors are not wearing mask including the famous Driver who was drinking Tea without Mask and driving with one hand. Why only Bikes are Cars are observed and not Buses and Pick up Trucks of Contractors which are filled on front Seat.
    2 Where is the Health Dept. who do not Observe Road side Food Vending Stalls where People gether without Mask to eat the filthy food served without proper cleanliness. Please drive around the city in your SUV with Health Crew and observe both sides of roads. Near Kadri Market,Near Mescom at Shivbaugh Junction,Opposit Bikkarnakatte Market,Near Kottara Flyover plus hundred more.
    3 What about Big Malaria-Dengue talk from Health Authorities. Property in Kadri where Mosquitoes are breeding along with Rats,Cobras,Phythons and Garbage Piles. Contacted MCC Health Dept. more than 50 times along with Neighbors for fast 15 years. But still We are scratching our Skin from Mosquitoe Bites and life threat by Snakes crawling in back and front yard including Fear of Rat Fewer. We are Raising our hands to God to save us since Health Dept. is ignoring the situation.

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