MCC Unanimously Resolved to Shut Down Whitegrove Agri LLP Mushroom Firm

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Mangaluru City Corporation during the Council Meeting on Friday, 29 December CC Unanimously Resolved to Shut Down Whitegrove Agri LLP Mushroom Firm located in Vamanjoor

Mangaluru: The Mangaluru City Corporation council on Friday, 29 December unanimously resolved to close down the mushroom production unit of Whitegrove Agri LLP (limited liability partnership) firm in Vamanjoor, on the outskirts of Mangaluru. A section of residents have been protesting against the firm, which is accused of not doing anything to arrest the foul smell emanating from the unit based on the firm’s farm.

Raising the issue in the ordinary meeting of the council, Thiruvail ward councillor Hemalatha Raghu Saliyan said residents of the areas around the unit could not bear the foul smell and are demanding its closure. The MCC should take serious note of the problem and close the unit. Several ruling Bharatiya Janata Party councillors and the councillor from the Social Democratic Party of India Zeenath Shamsuddin joined Ms. Saliya demanding action against the unit. Mayor Sudheer Shetty Kannur said he and a team of councillors visited the unit in October 2023.

Following proceedings by a committee headed by him, and comprising of representatives of protesting residents and also of the firm, a letter was written to the Deputy Commissioner for closure of the unit. “As you all are demanding firm action, it is unanimously resolved to close the mushroom production unit, and that this decision, along with other decisions, after ratification in the next meeting, will be sent to the State government for necessary action.

On the Water bill issue, earlier, councillors cutting across party lines expressed their concern over abnormal water bills. Senior Councillor Shashidar Hegde questioned the inordinate time being taken by officials to set right 12,500 “not working meters”. Ruling party Chief Whip Premanand Shetty said despite correcting all glitches related to the water bill, people continue to complain about abnormal water bills. Mayor Kannur said a meeting will be held at the MCC main office and in Surathkal on January 3 from 11 a.m. to redress complaints about the water bill. The 12,000 not working meters will be replaced shortly, he said.

Regarding the Changes in TDR and to make more people give their land for road widening, the council decided to send to the State government the proposal for the grant of TDR (Transferable Development Rights) in proportion to the land given for road development. Presently, two times of land given for development is given as TDR. The council has proposed that two times of land as TDR be offered when 15% or less land is given, 2.5 times when the land given is between 15 % and 25%, three times if more than 25% of the land is given and four times as TDR when not much land remains with the owner.

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