MCODS-SRF hosts ‘Action In Distress’-an Aid to Enhance Students in Medical Emergency Skills

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MCODS-SRF hosts ‘Action In Distress’-an Aid to Enhance Students in Medical Emergency Skills

  • Manipal College Of Dental Sciences- Student Research Forum (MCODS-SRF) hosts ‘Action In Distress’- an Aid to Enhance Students in Medical Emergency Skills

Mangaluru: The unique event “Action In Distress” has been a milestone for MCODS-SRF in terms of equipping students with hands-on knowledge in handling Medical emergencies. In a profession like dentistry, health emergency is a peril that precipitates unannounced/unexpected and the only way to face it is being armed with the know-how of dealing with it. So keeping that in mind MCODS-SRF wanted to enhance the dental students in medical emergency skills, during this one-day programme named “Action In Distress” held at Marena Sports Complex (a unit of Manipal University) on Thursday, 25 January 2018.

Organised by the Manipal Academy of Higher Education Student Research Forum (MAHE-SRF) , Manipal College of Dental Sciences (MCODS), Mangaluru this program aimed to provide Dental students the know how of facing Medical Crisis. This uniquely planned one-day initiative, specially designed to equip dental students to manage several, potentially life threatening emergencies in the clinic, included stations of demonstration like Choking, Seizures, Chest pain, Anaphylaxis, Hyperglycemia and a hands on Skills Station.

The programme began with welcome address by Viral Dave-Vice President of MAHE-SRF, followed by inauguration of the event by lighting of the lamp by Chief guest Dr Dilip G Nayak-the Dean of MCODS Mangaluru, along with other dignitaries on the dais namely, Dr Madhusudhan Upadya- Professor, Anaesthesiology, KMC-Mangaluru; Dr Jeethu Radhakrishnan- Specialist, Emergency Medicine, KMC Hospital-Jyothi Circle-Mangaluru; and Ms Aastha Todi-President-MAHE-SRS. 60 Interns of the neighbouring colleges of Mangaluru, namely MCODS, Manipal, AJ Shetty Dental College, Yenepoya Dental College, Srinivas Institute of dental sciences, KMCT dental college participated in the event.

Addressing the audience, Dr Dilip Nayak said, “I am very much pleased with the organizers to host such a unique programme which is very essential these days, in times of emergency needs. Programmes like this one will benefit the students to act quick during emergency situation, rather than panic and wait doing nothing to the victim who needs help. We have seen on TV or read in media, that bystanders at a accident scene instead of coming to the rescue of the person involved in accident and needs attention, are busy clicking photos, and downloading on social media. Similarly, you never know, even during your tenure while pursuing your dental career, there could be emergency situations where your help is needed- and today’s programme “Action In Distress” will be an aid to enhance your medical emergency skills, and it will also be your rescue solution to medical emergencies in dental practice. Learn as much as you can today, and be a SOS person in times of emergency”

Dr Madhusudhan Upadya also complimented the MAHE-SRF students for organizing such a unique and initiative event, which will give an opportunity to the dental students to become the skilled clinician taking calm, calculated action in distress. “As the incidence of medical emergencies are on the rise in recent years it is important to ensure that health personnel/students are adequately trained to deal with such events. Through this programme you all will gain knowledge as to how you could provide first aid care, and beyond during times of emergency cases” added Dr Upadya.

The resource persons of the programme namely- Dr Madhusudhan Upadya; Dr Jeedhu Radhakrishnan; Dr Salfi P K (consultant, Emergency Medicine, Indiana Hospital-Mangaluru); Dr Dattatray Prabhu (Assistant Professor, Anaesthesiology, KMC, Mangaluru); Dr Atul Raghunath (Resident, Emergency Medicine, KMC Hospital, Jyothi Circle-Mangaluru); Dr Sumesh Rao ( Associate Professor, Dept of Anaesthesiology, KMC, Mangaluru); and Dr Ganesh Prasad (Resident, Emergency Medicine, KMC Hospital, Jyothi Circle-Mangaluru) were recognized and presented with mementos by Dean of MCODS, Dr Dilip Nayak. The vote of thanks was proposed by Ayshwarya Dharan (IIIrd year MCODS student); and the formal programme was professionally compered by Tanya Sawhney and Ansu Ann Abraham- MCODS Interns.

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Following the inaugural formal function, the interns were trained by experts in the various fields of emergency medicine and anesthesiology. Dr Jeedhu Radhakrishnan, the course director for the event was at the helm of all affairs in terms of organization and execution. The panel also boasted of many eminent resource persons mentioned above who also contributed for demonstration and providing training to the students with demonstrations. There were six stations where the resource persons demonstrated a life threatening medical emergency with all the equipment required to manage it efficiently under the guidance of these medical specialists. Each station demonstrated the medical emergency techniques for an hour each on – Chest Pain, Syncope; Anaphylactic Shock; Seizures, Stroke; Hypoglycemia/Hyperglycemia; Choking; and Skills Stations.

The event was well organized under the leadership of MCODS-SRF committee members namely- Aastha Todi (President); Viral Dave (VP); Ansu Ann Abraham (Secretary); Aditi Sinha (Jt Secretary) and Arubarna Dasgupta (Treasurer), along with the support from staff Mentors, namely- Dr Ravikiran Ongole; Dr Swathi Pralhad and Dr Joanna Baptist; and also supported by MCODS students. The event was a success at rendering the graduates prepared for common medical emergencies and it had been a highly informative experience.

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