‘Meeting In Love & Nostalgia’ the Nostalgic ‘MILAN 2’ of Fr Muller HMC Unleashed Memories

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‘Meeting In Love & Nostalgia’ the Nostalgic ‘MILAN 2’ of Fr Muller HMC Unleashed Memories

‘Meeting In Love & Nostalgia’ the Nostalgic ‘MILAN 2’ of Fr Muller Homoeopathy Medical College (F HMC ) Unleashed Memories

Mangaluru: Life gives us brief moments, But sometimes in those brief moments we get memories that last a lifetime, Back on its golden hinges, The gate of memory swings, Memories are the threads that hold together the patchwork of friendship. The Alumni Association of Father Muller Homoeopathy Medical College (FMHMC) took immense pleasure in organizing the most awaited nostalgic event- “MILAN 2” with the theme “Meeting In Love and Nostalgia”, a fun-n-frolic bash which took place at City Beach, Mangaluru during the weekend- where the revelers relieved their memories with the Mullerian family, and also felicitated the mentors and pillars of the Mullerian legacy, the founding teachers of Fr Muller’s. The celebration was indeed a time to foster their friendship and cherish the good times, and the celebration turned out to be an extraordinary “Mullerian Extravaganza!”

This FMHMC Alumni Association party showed people in their 70’s, 60’s ,50’s, 40’s-and most of all the crowd was predominately mixed, with young and old, gents and females, boys and girls, joined by a bevy of religious priests in their best attire in formal slacks and shirts, which was hard to distinguish between “Rev. Fathers” & “Mr. Fathers”- but what the heck, but nobody cared how you dressed, instead everyone had a jolly good time. Alumni get-together like this one can be excitedly anticipated or painfully dreaded. Either way, the first hour or so can be awkward as people shuffle in from all over. Such celebration should include time for catching up and renewing old relationships. Getting past that awkward hour will get a little easier, if there is lots of fun and easy ice breaker games. And for that matter, this nostalgic event “MILAN 2” was organized in such a way that everyone had a good time, it was not boring and there were no complaints. Well organized with lots of fun and frolic, especially kudos to the two comperes- Dr Deepa Rebello-Asst professor, Dept of Pathology, and Dr Jolly D’Mello- Asst Professor, Dept of Physiology, both at Father Muller’s, who simply rocked and kept the evening live and entertaining, with their professionalism and witty punchlines.

Alumni get-together are a chance to brag about what they may or may not of accomplished. Some there is the fear of what has not been accomplished. And there are some, that are just interested on how far people have come. There is also a chance to look at the humorous side of things. Spending time looking at the fashion and the hair in old photos, and is also a chance to look back at some of the stupid things that were done while being in the Institution. 27 October 2018 – It was a nostalgic journey down the memory lane for these Alumni of FMHMC who came together in large numbers for the ‘Milan 2’Bash. The memoirs of yester years were once again rejuvenated as they shared their memories of those olden, youthful, cheerful days full of happiness and joy. To enliven the atmosphere there was not only few dance performances by the Homoeopaths, but also Dj music which pulled the revelers on to the dance floors, swinging their hips to Bollywood and Western hits. The event saw lots of friendship cum fellowship, together with a sumptuous spread of food that added spice to the occasion. Mullerians indeed had fun to meet with each other, thereby interact and share their news and views over a glass of their favorite drink !

The celebration began welcoming the budding homoeopaths-the dear interns as they pass on the legacy of Father Muller as brand ambassadors of Homoeopathy worldwide. On this special occasion these interns were inducted into the Mullerian family, and were presented with a floral bouquet on the dais. Prayer the most powerful weapon against trials, and the most effective medicine against sickness, and the most valuable gift to mankind, the formal function began with invoking God’s blessings with a prayer by the Interns. Dr Girish Navada-president of the FMHMC alumni association welcomed the gathering. “Death brings pain that time can only heal, No words could ease what we truly feel, But with god the joy is eternally sealed, And cherish the memories, and that death cant even steal”- Dr Jameel Sait convenor of Milan -2 offered condolences for the dear departed alumni members and the former faculty.

To illuminate this vibrant evening –Milan2, the young and bubbly interns performed a fusion dance. “True leaders do not create followers, they create more leaders. Their actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, and do more. A dream transforms into a goal when it is realized through relentless efforts and strong faith in the almighty. On this unique occasion, such leaders of extraordinary calibre who have dedicated their selfless service in knowledge care, patient care and learner care and thereby who have been instrumental for the growth and upliftment of FMHMC, scaling it to greater heights and promoting it to be a pioneer institute for homoeopathic medical education and research recognized globally, were felicitated.

The eminent leaders of FMHMC who were felicitated were- Dr N L Tiwari; Dr K.A Joseph; Dr S .K Tiwari; Dr Srinath Rao; Dr P K Sudhir; Dr A K Singh; Dr Sunny Mathew; Dr S .K Nanda; Dr Goutham Ash; Dr B N Prakash and Dr Sr Vida Olivera. After being felicitated, everyone expressed their thoughts, their feelings, sentiments, views and their experiences at FMHMC.

“Leaders are made they are not born, they are made by hard effort which is a price we must all pay to achieve any goal in life which is worthwhile”-these dignitaries are the role models for the budding homoeopaths and all who were present at the celebration should try to imbibe their qualities to carry forward the system of homoeopathy for the edification of the society. “A good teacher can inspire, hope, ignite the imagination, and instill Love of learning. Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, caliber, and future of an individual”- on this unique occasion the teachers who have moulded and inspired FMHMC students in shaping them into better homoeopaths and good human beings were also felicitated.

The teachers felicitated were Dr Ranjan Kumar Mohanty; Dr Gretta Lobo- served in the department of surgery; Dr Vinod Kumar-served in the department of SPM and materia medica; Dr Krishnanda H S krishnanda-served in the department of SPM and materia medica; Dr Wilson periera-served in the department of organ of medicine; Dr Alphonse D’souza- served in the department of pathology and materia medica; Dr Roshan Pinto- served in the department of organon of medicine; Dr Janet Andrade-served in the department of physiology; Dr Praveen Raj-served in the department of physiology and organon of medicine; Dr Santhosh-served in the department of anatomy; Dr Ram Jyothis-served in the department of pharmacy; Dr Prasanna Kumar; Dr Reena Alva

A teacher plants the seeds of knowledge. Sprinkles with love and patiently nurtures their growth to produce tomorrow’s dreams The esteemed senior faculty members who have served FMHMC for 25 years and more were also felicitated, namely- Dr Shivaprasad K; Dr Prabhu Kiran; Dr Madona Joseph; Dr MK Kamath; Dr Wilma D’souza, and Dr Jacintha Monteiro. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow. Dr Roshan Pinto- secretary of FMHMC proposed the vote of thanks.

More About the Eminent Pillars of FMHMC who were Felicitated:

Dr. N L Tiwari is a leading academician and clinician with a wide experience. He is a founder Trustee of Dr. M.L. Dhawale Memorial Trust. He has an ample academic and administrative experience. He is Prof. Emeritus Organon of Medicine Department and Institutional Mentor. He also serves as Director at Dr. M.L. Dhawale Memorial Homoeopathic Institute.and Hon. Associate Director at I.C.R Mumbai. He was the Hon. Visiting Prof at Father Muller’s Homoeopathic Medical College since1987, and also the MD Guide in Materia Medica for the RGUHS, Karnataka. He serves as a Ph.D Guide in the subject of “Organon of Medicine and Homoeopathic Philosophy” since 2013. Currently he is the honourable member of board of governors homoepathy ministry of AYUSH

Dr N L Tiwari, Rev Fr Peter Noronha, Dr K.A Joseph and Dr S.K Tiwari

Prof. Dr.K.A.Joseph, former principal, Fr Muller Homoeopathic Medical College known to the entire Homoeopathic fraternity for his academic contributions and administrative skills. He is a well known disciplinarian and very keen observer and tried to always extract the best in his students. He served as a nominated member for the first council session from1973-1978, Tamilnadu Homoeopathy Council and also served as Member of Central Council of Homoeopathy, New Delhi.

Dr Shashi Kant Tiwari served as the principal of Fr.Muller Homoeopathic Medical College from 1995-2009. He was the Professor and Head of the Department for Case taking & Repertorization. A renowned personality in the field of Repertory and also a popular educationist and clinician well known to everybody in the homoeopathic community. He has authored two books-“Essentials of Repertorisation” which is approved by the Central Council of Homoeopathy AND “Homoeopathy & Child Care” . He also served as Dean of Education & Visiting Professor, Dr.Nielsen’s Homoeopathic Medical Education & Research Winnipeg, Canada and also at U.A.E. He is a proud recipient of C.A.S.H – ‘Award of excellence – 2005’ respecting his services to the fraternity. Sir we thank you for your selfless service and wish you all the best in all your future endeavours.

Dr Srinath Rao, Dr P K Sudhir, Dr A K Singh and Dr Sunny Mathew

Dr Srinath Rao joined the FMHMC in the year 1988. He served as a Principal of the college from 2009-2013. Presently the Professor and HOD department of materia medica. He has also been a CCH inspector team member. He was appointed former dean of faculty RGUHS and former member of academic council RGUHS. He also served as a Visiting Professor of Dr.Nielsen’s Homoeopathic Medical Education & Research Canada. He is well known for his meticulous clinical meetings and training the students in SCR methodology. He is a very talented singer, popularly known as Kishore Kumar of the college.

Dr P.K Sudhir is a leading academician and an efficient administrator with ample experience. He served at Fr. Muller’s Homoeopathic Medical College Mangalore since 1990 in various CAPACITIES. He was appointed as the Principal of Vinayaka Mission Homoeopathic Medical College in 2001 and continued the post till 2011. He served as a member of CCH in two terms from 2006. He is an NABH Assessor Faculty since 2010.He has co-authored a book on diabetes mellitus published by CCRH. He was the Controller of Examinations of Kerala University of Health Sciences. He is the recipient of Dr.Mahendra Singh‘s Best Administrator award in 2013 and was also awarded Dr Mahendra Singh memorial national award 2014 for his excellent and versatile service as the controller of examinations kuhas

Dr S.K Nanda, Dr Goutham Ash, Dr B N Prakash and Dr Sr Vida Olivera

Dr A K Singh, joined FMHMC in 1985 in the medicine department and then served as the professor and hod department of organon of medicine. He was appointed the vice principal of FMHMC. He is a well known disciplinarian and an excellent academician

Dr Sunny Mathew joined the institute in the year 1987 and continued his services till 2014. Retired as professor and PG guide of the department of Materia Medica. He also served as a medical superintendent of Fr Muller Homoeopathic Medical College hospital. A well-known teacher and a Post Graduate Guide at Fr Mullers Homoeopathic Medical College and also an eminent practitioner. He is well known for his great sense of humour and a fatherly figure to most of Mullerians.

Prof. Dr. S.K Nanda is a leading academician and clinician. He is the Director, National Institute of Homoeopathy, Calcutta. He serves as Member of Central Council of Homoeopathy (CCH) since February, 2014. He has served at Fr Muller’s Homoeopathic Medical College, Mangaluru since 1986 in various Capacities. In 1997 he joined at NIH, Kolkatta as Associate Professor. Now since 2007 he is serving as HOD & Professor in the Dept of Forensic Medicine and Director at NIH, Kolkatta.

Dr Goutham Ash started his profession in the department of anatomy. He is a versatile teacher of anatomy-and popularly known as Grays Anatomy. He is a. passionate teacher and was enthusiastic to train students beyond college hours. Presently the Professor and head of department of anatomy-NIH kolkatta

Dr. B.N .Prakash is a well known and versatile personality in the Homoeopathic fraternity. He is an incumbent Director, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences and former Director, Department of AYUSH, and former Member, Central council of Homoeopathy. He is well appreciated academician and clinician. He joined as lecturer at Fr.Mullers’ Homoeopathy Medical College, Mangaluru and later served at Government Homoeopathy Medical College and principal of Government Homoeopathy Medical College, Bengaluru. He served as examiner, inspector appointed by the state, central authorities and universities. He presented many papers in national seminars and lectured in various colleges.

Dr Sr Vida Olivera joined the institute in 1994 and continued her decicated service till 2008. She was the Professor and HOD of Department of community medicine. She served as Registrar of the Fr Muller homoeopathic medical college OPD. She was a very good organizer and trained students for various cultural events hosted in the college. FMHMC students always looked forward to enter II BHMS in anticipation for study tours organised by her.

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