Men dressed as woman held in Kuwait and Saudi

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Kuwait (Emirates 24×7): Kuwait’s police arrested a Pakistani man near a mosque disguised as a woman and speaking on his mobile phone, a newspaper reported on Monday.

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Two policemen patrolling the area suspected the way the presumed woman was behaving and asked for her ID card, the Arabic language daily ‘Al Watan’ said.

“They were surprised to find that he was a man. He had a face veil and was wearing women’s clothes,” the paper said.

Kuwait has intensified security near its mosques following a deadly attack on a mosque in the capital Kuwait City last week.

Saudi cops drag man ‘dressed as woman’ out of mall

Saudi Arabia’s religious police were caught on camera dragging a local man out of a shopping mall.

A brief YouTube film showed two members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice pushed the man towards their car.

‘Ajel’ newspaper, which published the film, said the man was caught disguised in women’s clothes inside the mall.

It did not say where in Saudi Arabia the mall is located, but added viewers of the film were divided into supporters and opponents of the way the man was arrested.

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  1. In the Middle East they have a dress code or uniform. But some of these guys are just confused that they went to their woman’s wardrobes and put on their clothes possibly without even realizing this mistake. Now that he is in trouble he has figured what went wrong.

    It is just a coincidence that the men who robed the bank, also wore woman’s clothes. Is that one of the reasons why the Europeans are banning the veil? I don’t know.

  2. By virtue of Saudi Arabia sitting on huge reserves of petroleum crude, it is quite wealthy, but in many ways it is a very, very backward country. You see in Saudi Arabia, the ladies being forced to wear the burka and not allowed to drive vehicles. There is no democracy, no human rights, no churches, temples, bars, cinema halls and all other things that are considered permissible in most countries. However, Saudias are hypocites. They take great pride in setting up grand mosques abroad, patronising bars, night clubs and indulging in other things that naughty and flirty people consider as good things of life.

  3. Irrespective of what diehard and fanatical elements may say about Saudi Arabia, my personal opinion is that most Saudis have a low intellect but have an exaggerated importance of themselves, are very arrogant, lack manners and do not have any humanity. In this modern age, they have Sharia laws and they have moral policing of cities and towns there. In Saudi Arabia, it is not a matter of what nationals and expatriates can do, but it is always a case of, “This is illegal and that is immoral.” Therefore, having been born up in such regimented environments, the moment Saudis go abroad, they drink like a fish, run after women and do other immoral things, as if there is no tomorrow for them.

    The Royal family and moral police have a “tacit” understanding. The Royal family does not interfere in the workings of the moral police (even if they overstep) and vice versa. In their palaces, the members of the Royal family enjoy themselves, be it Playboy magazines and many other things, but these and most things are a taboo to the 99% of the masses, who go to Thailand, Philippines, Egypt and other places to satisfy their naughty activities, the moment they get the opportunity.

  4. Metaphor goes dead and sarcasm is lost when joker Praveena Pinto tries to read posts on this forum!! LOL When I refer to imaginary god to make a point, it doesn’t turn me into another god-fearing, religious guy. This reminds me of Praveena’s confusion on ‘chicken biriyaani’ analogy just before 2014 elections. I remember how he took it literally and started arguing with author without understanding the bigger point! LOL There is no point in getting upset over his failure to understand seemingly simple things. After all, this saudi-returned genius is still struggling to clear Anganawaadi exams!! smiles…

  5. Thanks God, we have RSS and Indian Army-Mr.Original Pai

    Dear readers,

    Once again Atheist Mr.Original dragged himself in religious talks and exposed his true identity.

    We are witnessing a concerted attempted the RSS attempt to establish fanatic Golwalkar as the the “Prophet of resurgent India”, a saint the best son of Bharat Mata and the biggest gift to the Hindu society in the 20th century ( sorry to mention, they have failed in it). This in spite of the fact hat Golwalkar, throughout his life, remained committed to the concept of Hindutva which meant an inherent faith in casteism , Racisim and Imperialism. He stood for the establishment of a Hindu rastra ( he even has fake atheist as a follower) or nation where minorities could exist only as second class citizens.

    Golwalkar,as the of the RSS was never able to hide his opposition to any movement against the foreign rule. As late as March 1947 when the British rulers had decided, in principle to go away from India. Golwalkar while addressing the annual day function of the RSS at Delhi declared that narrow vision were trying to oppose the state power of the British. While elaborating this point further, he said that it was wrong to hold the powerful foreigners responsible for the country’s ills ( he had a problem with foreign religions, the height of hypocrisy). He decried the tendency of initiating the political movements on the basis of our hatred towards our victors- Shri Guruji Samagar Darshan Vol-4 Nagpur Bharatiya Vichar Sadhana P-2

    I hope RSS fake atheist will have something to say this, may he is busy cleaning in US and he claims to be an Apple consultant. I doubt that with limited knowledge he pose he cannot be a consultant in Apple. He can lie isn’t, his master Golwalkar lied a lot and deceived the nation what is there for him to spread lies.

    Jai hind

  6. “Commission for the promotion of virtue and prevention of Vice” ??? LOL LOL LOL
    I’m sure that sharia pandita wants the same backward commission in Bharata as well. Thank God, we have RSS and Indian Army to put a stop to these medieval forces.

    • Thank God, we have RSS and Indian Army…… – Rampu’ji

      Hahahahaha. An atheist is ‘phynally’ THANKING God! Did the Sun ‘rise’ in the west today?

      And err, we have the RSS? What for? To march in their ridiculous COSTUMES?

      And that Mohana Bhagawatha… didn’t he get India’s highest bravery award just after the Kargil war – for the flare of his Jhomblass chaddis? Or was it for curvature of his white mush?

      MORE jokes ya Rampu. You have made my ENTIRE week, if not month!

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