Michael Gambon misses his ‘Harry Potter’ paycheques

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London, Feb 16 (IANS) Actor Michael Gambon, who played wizard Professor Dumbledore in the majority of the film adaptations of J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” novels, says he misses “the money”.

The 74-year-old said that he hasn’t missed working on the movies since the final instalment was released in 2011 but confessed he wouldn’t mind receiving the hefty salary again, reports mirror.co.uk.

Asked if he misses the film franchise, he said: “No. I miss the money, mind you.”

The “Fortitude” actor, who is currently starring in the TV adaptation of Rowling’s novel “The Casual Vacancy”, said that he’s “always” been plagued by self doubt but that his nerves are getting worse with age.

Quizzed on whether he still gets nervous after all these years, he told Radio Times magazine: “I think more so as you get older. You get more frightened. That applies to me, anyway. When I was an actor 50 years ago, I was quite relaxed. I don’t suppose I had as much to do. I was playing smaller parts.”

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