Michael Hussey wants to emulate Dhoni’s equanimity

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Chennai, April 6 (IANS) Former Australia and current Chennai Super Kings (CSK) batsman Michael Hussey said on Monday that he would love to have captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s equanimity at the end of the innings.

“I would like his power (laughs). I would love to have his equanimity at the end of the innings. Dhoni is just fantastic to bat with at the end of the innings because he is so cool and he has got it all planned out,” Hussey was quoted as saying by IPLT20.com.

“While I sometimes get nervous thinking, ‘Oh we’re falling behind the rate’, he is very positive all the time saying, ‘No need to worry, we are right on target’ – very assured and very confident throughout,” he said.

After a season with Mumbai Indians, the 39-year-old is now back with Chennai, a team he has had immense success with in the Indian Premier League (IPL) over the years.

“It is amazing to be back here. I have a lot of great friends here and so many incredible memories,” Hussey said.

The former Australian middle-order batsman said he hasn’t had a specific chat with the CSK management yet but whatever role is set for him, he is happy to accept it.

“I haven’t had a specific chat with the management about that yet but whatever role they set for me, I am happy to play it. I know it will be in accordance with my own skills and in which I can serve the team the best,” he said.

Speaking on the calm coach-captain pair of Stephen Fleming and Dhoni, Hussey said: “They both have very astute cricketing brains and they think very clearly under pressure. As far as their relationship goes, it is very good for them and the team because it is very open and honest. They communicate very clearly with each other and the players.”

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