Michael Jackson: The Magic, The Madness, The Whole Story now in Marathi

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Pune: Here is a good news for Michael Jackson fans. The ultimate biography of Michael Jackson: The Magic and the Madness by J. Randy Taraborrelli’s is now available in Marathi. On the occasion of the 6th death anniversary of the ‘King of Pop’, Mehta Publishing house released the book titled ‘Michael Jackson: The magic, the madness’ for his fans. The book is considered the foremost – and only – credible Michael Jackson biography.


The book has been translated into Marathi from English by Mrs. Reshma Kulkarni-pathare and released at a ceremony by well-known Marathi poet, singer-songwriter, copywriter Mr. Sandeep Khare, Founder of the official Indian Michael Jackson Fanclub Mr. Nikhil Gangavane & the translator of the book Reshma Kulkarni today at Mehta Publishing House.

Sharing his thoughts on the occasion, Mr Sandeep Khare said, “As an artist I also loved listening to Michael Jackson songs. His greatest achievement was not that he was a brilliant performer, but the fact that his art was understood and lauded by millions across the globe, cutting all cultural and geographical boundaries.” Nikhil Gangavane, Founder President of The Official Michael Jackson said “what can be a better tribute for Michael Jackson on 25th June…Legend come and go…some live forever. Michael Jackson is one of the legends whose showmanship cannot be surpassed by any other artist. From music, dance, to philanthropy, he was the best in whatever he did.


L-R Reshma Kulkarni – Pathare the translator of book, Mr. Sandeep Khare the well-known Marathi Poet, Singer, Actor & Mr. Nikhil Gangavane the Founder of the official Indian Michael Jackson Fanclub who released the book at Mehta Publishing House.

According to the book’s translator Reshma Kulkarni, before translating this book, she always believed that Michael was an over rated star. “But after I started translating the book, I realised that not only was Michael a powerhouse of real talent, but also, his histrionics were, more often than not, his way of pleading to the world to treat him as normal,” she said. One never saw the reasons(s) behind his weird behavior. His was a childhood traumatised by a demoniacal father, a family trying to make him slog so they could piggy-back on his success and riches, so-called friends who only held his hand till he was on the top and then betrayed him.

According to her, this book is a must-read to understand how a world-famous star should be and also should not be. “I would go as far as to say that it is a good guide for parents aspiring for celebrity-hood for their children. They would certainly do well to read this book to understand what ‘not’ to do, so as to help their celebrity children carry the weight of success,” Kulkarni said.

“As publishers we thought Michael Jackson’s real life story should reach his fans so that they know who the real was Michael Jackson was,” said Managing Director of Mehta Publishing House.

The original book:


The original book MICHAEL JACKSON – THE MAGIC & THE MADNESS was authored by J. Randy Taraborrelli. He is the foremost authority on Michael Jackson. is the only New York Times best-seller about Jackson. First published in 1990, the book was a runaway success. Taraborrelli updated the book for the foreign marketplace four years ago in an edition that was nominated for a W.H. Smith Literary Award in the U.K.

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  1. I totally agree – This has to be the most important book every Maraathi guy was eagerly waiting for!! We need one in Tulu as well. After all, what about all those MJ fans from Mangaluru area who are desperate to know about his life?

    • We need one in Tulu as well. – Confessions of a Phoreen Rampa.

      We all might, you never know. However, when it comes to you, it is better you stick to ‘GoalMaalkara’ and his Hate book.

  2. We need one in Tulu as well-Atheist Original Pai

    Sir,There is no Tulu script available but surely can be one in Sanskrit.

    Let us ask government to print the ‘Bunch of thoughts’ in English so that mass American followers will understand the motives of great RSS Gurujis hate and Nazi association to the world.

    Jai hind

    • What is Sanskrit ? Did you mean Samskrutam ? Also, why are you calling for printing ‘Bunch of thoughts’ in English when it is already available in English and print version? I know you are still stuck in 7th century – but these days people prefer online version and they can easily find one by searching on google!! And, what Nazi association are you talking about? Did you hear it from your local madrasa ? Have you heard about Netaji Subhashchandra Bhose? He actually had direct contacts with both Nazi forces and Imperial Army in Japan!! Do you have issues with it as well? What an ignoramus are you!! Go and study history to understand the importance of ‘desha-kaala-sthithi’ before embarrassing yourself!!

  3. Have you heard about Netaji Subhashchandra Bhose?-Atheist Mr.Original Pai

    Sir,Are you talking about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Office has refused to disclose records related to Subhas Chandra Bose’s death as it rejected the argument that there was a larger public interest involved in making them public.

    Why did Modi govt takes UPA line, made U-turn that they won’t disclose files about Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose?

    So BJP is masters of stereotype when it comes to “desha-kaala-sthithi’ and shameless down to earth.
    Jai hind

    • Sharia Shaikh,
      Why can’t you answer my question instead of trying to duck and run? You accused RSS of having Nazi connection. If so, are you going to accuse Netaji as well? Let me know if you need some help in understanding history from ‘desha-kaala-sthithi’ perspective.

      • Original Duplicate of USA asks, “Are you going to accuse Netaji of Nazi connections?” Then he offers to teach RSS fabricated history to the gullible!

        In fact, Netaji rebelled against Mahatma Gandhi, he formed “Forward Block” faction within Congress to fight against Gandhi, then fled the country and established connections with Hitler and Japan, as they were enemies of our enemy, i. e. Great Britain.

        The Indian Soldiers in the British Army, who did not heed to the call of Gandhi not to help the British in the World War ll, went to the Eastern War Theatre under Mountbatten to fight against the Axis Forces, comprising of Germany and Japan. When Japan defeated the British and imprisoned the Indian Soldiers as Prisoners of war, then and then only, they changed their allegiance and Joined Azad Hind Fawj of Subhas, just to get freedom from the Japanese army! There is a wrong perception that the persons who joined the AHF were all patriotic Indians. Most of them were not. Persons like Laxmi Sehgal, Hundi Vishnu Kamath IAS, etc. were exceptions, and they were not from the defeated lot of the British soldiers of Indian Origin!

        This is to teach Duplicate about the Original truth.

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