Migrant Workers not ‘Cats and Dogs’

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Migrant workers not ‘cats and dogs’

Freedom of expression is indepth voice not noise but conscience
Mansion of pearls sheen the face irradiate dusk dark horse
Tidal rivers silently brimming crisp crusty sages
Floating birds soaring sky altitude the ceiling aegis
Censored cry clogged voice perpetually slither rest
Delayed decision devastation destruction mortal nest
What a woe and wreck? Bodily wish become fatal gust and gush
Deep sleep running train opened puddle lagoon bloodstain to flush


Sections sector share left behind ‘janma bhoomi’ build buildings
Skyscraper spilled blood ‘shramik’ brain drained chitterlings
Minimal comforts forgo thrill no buck and bear
Fateful site pitiful life bruised volatile dreamer
Stony hearted dry ossein body siphons no blood?
Fat and large human ‘shramik’ candid dutiful god
Callous Cruel crony capitalist vicious how come cause matter cease
Minting treasure mounting pleasure demur nonsense aim to share

Why do you drag and dodge push to the walls weak creature indeed?
Perpetuate the person protect persona created by glorious God
Destroy anything grab everything no God what use?
Tears is the jewel sweat is bauble save salvage scouse
High Taxes economy proposed treasury crowded
Empty belly thirsty throat bleak future dark darned
Migrants workers not cat and dogs but gleaming Koh-I-Noor diamond
Never abandon degrade demean disgrace crush confuse or dispend

   Fr Joachim D’Souza, Capuchin

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  1. Dear Fr Joachim, congratulations for this beautiful poem which reminds us human dignity and human values towards vulnerable, neglected people in the society. The contributions of these people towards the society, but the real tragedy is they are not recognized. When we uphold human dignity and human values they only the true development takes place. Dear Fr through your poems you have become the voice of the voiceless. Thanks a lot for enlightening us through this poem.

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