Milagres Principal Assault Case, Accused Shanawaz Arrested in Pumpwell

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Milagres Principal Assault Case, Accused Shanawaz Arrested in Pumpwell

Mangaluru: Mohammed Shanawaz who had assaulted the principal of Milagres College has been arrested by the Bunder Police at Pumpwell here on October 24.


Mohammed Shanawaz a resident of Pandeshwar, was absconding after assaulting the principal Fr Michael Santhumayor. Various organizations have submitted the memorandum to the police commissioner Chandra Sekhar and the Deputy commissioner Dr Jagadeesha on October 24 and demanded the arrest of the student.


Mohammed Shanwaz while on his way to Kasargod was intercepted by the police at Pumpwell circle, the Bunder police led by Inspector Shantharam and team arrested him. He will be produced before the court.

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  1. Mohammed Shanawaz you attacked the Principal of an institution that you joined to gain knowledge, and to go into the world armed with that knowledge to earn your livelihood.

    Though we do have examples of patricide, would you have assaulted your biological father ?????? Now, if you had the guts you should have assaulted the policeman too – How dare he arrested you????

    Perhaps, you will find sympathy from some people that I have come to know in this forum.

  2. “Mohammed..while on his way to Kaasaragodu…” goes on report!! LOL

    Who would have thought another Mohammed from Kasaragodu would find himself in a legal trouble? LOL

    • “Who would have thought that another Mohd from Kasargodu would find himself in a (sic) trouble? Lol – Namma Yumreeki Rampe

      Lol.! Point noted yr Dishonor! But then, WHO on ‘yerth’ knew about Donny Trump’s drug-fueled parties during his ‘heydays’? And that almost lisping biddy… Err.. Aunt Hillarious..her email scandal (besides others) could have and prob would have damaging consequences on her aspirations. Well, only time will tell.

      EITHER way, one of the ONLY 2 idiots will rule u chaps. What? You want ANOTHER ‘Alsande peashooter’? Well, ask Arnie, plz.

  3. When I am commenting on a Mohammed from mangaluru, our joker Pinto from Pilikula brings up Donald Trump and Clinton!!! This guy is an absolute genius by the standards of Beef Club!! LOL Sometimes I wonder if this guy is real because he is a parody of himself!! LOL I can only imagine the mess he is creating at pilikula!! I hope that they have good security system around Lion and Tiger cages!! LOL

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