Minister Madhwaraj to call meeting on school bus safety measures

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Minister Madhwaraj to call meeting on school bus safety measures

Manipal: A meeting has been convened on July 2 at the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Auditorium with the general public and concerned departments to discuss safety measures to be implemented for school buses, said Pramod Madhwaraj, Minister for Fisheries, Youth Services and Sports and district minister in-charge. He was speaking on his first meeting with district officials after assuming the post of minister. The meeting was held at the Deputy Commissioner’s Conference Hall, Rajathadri Manipal here, on June 25.

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“The police department has been imposing fines on the auto rickshaw drivers and other vehicles for accommodating school children above the prescribed safe capacity. The Trasi accident is a tragedy and an effective policy to prevent such accidents has to be formulated. School heads, managements, the general public and auto rickshaw drivers can present their views during the meeting,” said Madhwaraj.

The issues with RTE seat allocation has been discussed with primary and pre-university boards. A decision will be made after the on June 27.

“The Chief Minister will be conveying a meeting with deputy commissioners and ZP CEOs of all districts. Our officials will be attending the meeting. A special mention of the Pashchimavahini project will be made during the meeting on June 27 and 28.”

Rs 40 crores will be released under the KUDSEMP scheme. The deputy commissioner has sent a proposal for release of Rs 6 crores under disaster management. A proposal of Rs 5 crores for sea erosion and emergency works will also be made.

He also directed the officials to work efficiently towards the development of the district and serve people honestly. “Officials need to take the people representatives into confidence while implementing policies,” he added.

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While quizzed on the differences during the cabinet expansion, he replied that the Chief Minister has effectively led the state and he will settle all the differences. “I will not restrict myself to Udupi constituency but will work effectively towards other constituencies too.” While asked whether Vinay Kumar Sorake has given him support during his term as district minister in-charge, he declined to answer.

When asked on uplifting Congress from crisis in the district, he said that his priority is effectively building party.

Dr R Vishal (Deputy Commissioner), Annamalai (Superintendent of Police) and Priyanka Mary Francis (Chief Executive Officer, Udupi Zilla Panchyat) were present.

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