Minister Rai flags off Koti Vraksha campaign

Minister Ramanath Rai flags off Koti Vraksha campaign

Mangaluru: Minister for Forest, Environment and Ecology Ramanath Rai flagged off the Koti Vraksha campaign organized by MCC and the Forest Department at Urva here, on July 1.

Ramanath Rai, J R Lobo, Capt Ganesh Karnik, various corporators and students planted saplings along the roadside on the occasion.

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Ramanath Rai said that in the coming days, more environmental awareness programmes will be organized. “This year the Forest Department will be organizing many programmes to bring awareness on the environment, in view of the problems that we have been facing like the recent water crisis, droughts, etc. We will be conducting 10 programmes in the coming days. We have to get people to think in a more environment friendly way and try to increase the green cover,” added Rai.

Later, Sunil Kumar Bajal submitted a memorandum to Ramanath Rai and J R Lobo on behalf of the DK District School Children vehicle drivers association. Speaking to the media, Bajal said that the voice of drivers should also be considered while making any plans on safety of school children.

MLA J R Lobo, MLC Capt Ganesh Karnik, Mayor Harinath, Corporators Sashidhar Hegde, Naveen D’Souza, Lancelot Pinto, Regional forest officer Sridhar and others were also present.