MLA Lobo Inspects Work in Progress on Kadri-Nanthur Road

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MLA Lobo Inspects Work in Progress on Kadri-Nanthur Road

Mangaluru: Mangaluru south MLA J R Lobo inspected the concreting and dualization of the Kadri-Nanthur road in the city on Friday.

Corporators and MCC engineers were present during the visit. Lobo told media persons that most of the concreting job had been completed. Work on drainage and footpath was in progress. He was hopeful that the entire job would be completed in another ten days.

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The bus-stop being so close to the circle had been creating consistent blocks and logjams. Hence, the bus-stop would shift to a distance and a bus bay would be set up to ensure that stopping of the buses would not block other vehicles, he further said.

He also spoke to the immediate residents and road-users. Many of them expressed worries about the possibility of vehicles speeding past once the road was ready and also about the rainwater and sewage flowing on the road. He assured them of suitable measures to address the problem.

Lobo also revealed that the entire stretch of road from Nanthur to Nandigudda was being upgraded. This would add to the beauty of the city, he assured.

He also visited the spot near the Urwa rice mill where drainage problems had been reported. He discussed the issue with the officials and sought an early solution.

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8 years ago

Mr. Lobo arrange for the footpaths also! Or els the roads will become foot paths and foot paths will become death paths.