Mobile Jammer in Jail – DC Seeks Early Solution to Issue

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Mangaluru: The installation of a mobile jamming system in the district jail premises here continues to rattle those running offices and residing within a radius of even up to a kilometer.

In spite of repeated assurances, the problem has continued. Curiously enough, the system has been a constant irritation for the public, whereas the use of mobile phones within the premises is reportedly continuing without any hitch.

Deputy commissioner A B Ibrahim on Monday held a meeting with service providers in the presence of the jail superintendent.and representatives of ECL, a Hyderabad-based firm given the charge of installing the jammer.

The DC said that while the jammer was a must within the jail premises in the interest of security, it should not inconvenience the public in any manner.

He drew their attention to the complaints about networks being available within the jail while citizens outside had been facing problems.

BSNL general manager Ravi pointed out that the TRAI had issued strict instructions regarding call-drops. Because of the jammer, the BSNL had been made to pay fines. Hence, he urged the authorities to ensure that the customers outside the jail premises are not put to hardships.

Jail superintendent Krishnamurthy informed the DC that the height of the antenna of the jammer had since been reduced. He also said that the affected areas had been visited by him and the installation staff. The issue had been resolved for the most part, he informed.

Yet, he assured, he would meet the residents around with the jammer installation staff and try to further improve the situation.

He also told the DC and other officials that only during power-cuts the jammer system would not function. It was likely that network was available in the jail in those times. Otherwise, there was absolutely no network within the premises, he added. He also said that the jammer did not affect 4G networks.

The DC instructed that alternative power supply be installed to run the jammer system during power-cuts and ensure that all formats like 2G, 3G and 4G networks be blocked inside the jail.

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