Modi government biased against us: Uttar Pradesh minister

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Lucknow, Dec 11 (IANS) The Uttar Pradesh government on Friday accused the Centre of “bias” and attempts to put roadblocks in the state’s progress.

State cabinet minister Rajendra Chowdhary said while Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav was relentlessly working to develop the state, the union government was not releasing funds Uttar Pradesh was entitled to.

“The BJP has 71 MPs in the Lok Sabha from Uttar Pradesh. More than a dozen union ministers hail from the state. The prime minister has been elected from here. But rather than collectively work for the state’s development, they are busy creating problems for the Samajwadi Party government and holding back funds,” the minister said.

Chowdhary claimed the state has so far got only Rs.16.50 crore of the Rs.47,000 crore for various projects from the union government.

Many schemes of rural development and roads building are suffering due to paucity of funds and delays in payment on part of the Centre, he said.

Chowdhary said more than two dozen schemes and projects of the state women and child welfare department were suffering as the central funding has been slashed.

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