Modi government working on Creating communal polarization – PFI

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Modi government working on Creating communal polarization – PFI

Udupi: As a mark of National campaign “Stop Politics of Hate”. Popular Front of India held a public meeting at Hotel Durga International, here on September 28.

Addressing the gathering Shafi Bellare state general secretary of Popular Front of India said that Under Narendra Modi-led BJP government, Hindutva forces are working on the agenda to create communal polarization and anti-minority atmosphere through all means, from hate speeches, and false propaganda, to local provocations and riots. The cow vigilante groups have intensified their attacks on Muslims, Dalits and farmers. The hate culture is patronized by the political parties to misguide the voters and lure them. The present BJP led NDA government has come to power with the support of only 31 percent of the population. NDA was not the favourite, but was the alternative for the voters. They wanted to get rid of the UPAs anti-poor and anti-people policies. The Modi-led BJP team totally misguided the voters.

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The democracy is under the threat of fallacy. The political parties’ followed the idea of divide and rule and the gap between the people widened every day. People are divided in the name of caste, beliefs and religion. The freedom to live and the freedom for food are snatched by the ruling powers.

There is an urgent need to stop the communal agenda of the fascist forces and unite Muslims, Dalits and all anti-fascist forces. He mentioned that the hate speeches by the Sangh Parivar leaders are not just against the minorities and Dalits, but against entire humanity, he added.

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Prof Alban Rodrigues administrator of Dandatheeratha Institutions Kaup said that the Narendra Modi-led NDA government is trying to divide the country on religion. Their target is minorities and Dalits. When BJP government has governed the state or country many communal incidents are reported across the country. When Narendra Modi came to on power, his minister decided to celebrate good governance day on December 25. Christmas is the most important day of the year for Christians. By celebrating good governance day Modi government has hurt the sentiments of Christian’s. People of the country should give a proper answer to the communal forces in the coming elections, he added.

Abdul Rehman Malpe, Tassil Ahamed, Alaam Brahmavar and others were present.

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  1. What does ‘P’ in PFI stands for? Is it for ‘Popular’ or something else? This is the natural question in our mind after seeing repeated attacks India’s Prime Minister for silly reasons while keeping a total silence on Uri attacks.

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