Modi Govt has Money to give Tax Relief to corporates but no Money for Flood Affected People – Ivan D’Souza

Modi Govt has Money to give Tax Relief to corporates but no Money for Flood Affected People – Ivan D’Souza

Mangaluru: The Union Government has shown concern by giving tax relief to the corporate sector but has failed to give flood relief for the state, alleged MLC Ivan D’Souza

Speaking at a press meet held at his office on Saturday, September 21, Ivan said that he BJP MP Tejasvi Surya yesterday said, “I will not ask for flood relief from the Union government. The State government has enough money to implement effective flood relief measures and there was no need to seek funds from the Centre for it”. “We are not begging from the Union Government, we are asking our tax money to our state. The state is collecting Rs one lakh crore GST and sending it to the Government and we have all the right to ask our part”, said Ivan.


Ivan further said, “When the state was devastated by the floods, chief minister Yediyurappa has shown genuine concern towards the flood-affected people and announced compensation to people in relief centres at the rate of Rs 10,000 per person and of disbursing compensation of Rupees five lakh for those whose houses were completely destroyed. The state government has now completed 50 days but the flood-affected people have not received a single paise from the union government. Apart from giving an ex gratia to Rs 10,000, no other work has been taken up. Even the temporary sheds for those who have lost houses have not been erected. Lakhs of people have lost their houses due to the ravaging floods in the state. 60 percent of the houses have been completely destroyed and 40 percent are partially damaged. The state government should provide permanent rehabilitation to the affected families,” he said.

Ivan also said, “The Central Government has neglected the state completely. Not even a single paisa has been released by the Centre to the state”. He also alleged that the state government has also failed to provide comfort to the flood victims. “The contribution of the 25 BJP MPs, elected from the state to the Parliament, has been nill so far. They have totally neglected the betterment of the state”, he said.

The Centre is behaving as though it has nothing to do with the state. Prime Minister Modi did not visit the flood-hit areas. The state government has maintained stoic silence on the Centre’s delay in giving flood relief. The Karnataka Pradesh Congress has decided to up the protest against the BJP-led state government on the flood and drought situation by staging a massive protest in Belagavi on September 24, said Ivan.

ivan D'souza press meet

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