Modi Marketed on Security of the Country to Win LS Polls – Ivan D’Douza

Modi Marketed on Security of the Country to Win LS Polls – Ivan D’Souza 

Mangaluru: “The elections are over and the BJP has won the LS polls. They are forming the government in the centre. I would like to congratulate Narendra Modi and also Nalin Kumar Kateel. Modi has marketed on the security of the country and the BJP played the Hindutva card to gain votes. Modi held 142 rallies throughout the country but never spoke about the development of the country or the Acche Din”, said the Parliamentary Secretary and MLC Ivan D’Souza in a press meet held at the DCC office Mallikatta, here on May 25.

Addressing the mediapersons Ivan said, “We accept our defeat and the verdict given by the people of this country. Modi was supported by the National media to win the LS polls. During the rallies Narendra Modi never spoke about bringing back the black money, eliminating corruption, demonetization, bringing Ache Din, but he played the religious card. People have given him one more chance to work for the development of the country. Hope Modi will give good governance in his second five-year tenure as PM.”

Ivan further said, “The BJP leaders say that they will destabilize the coalition government in Karnataka. But the recent elections were held for the LS seats, the people have elected MP’s for the parliament. The BJP leaders are daydreaming, they cannot destabilize the coalition government, we will complete five years of our tenure in Karnataka under Kumaraswamy’s leadership.”

Ivan also said, “Former CM Yeddyurappa is trying to destabilize the coalition government which thinks of the poor people and the farmers. The BJP leaders are not worried about the farmers or the poor people in the state, they only think of power.”

When asked why the Congress candidates did not get as many votes compared to the last elections, Ivan said, “The VHP, Bajrang Dal, RSS and other Hindu organizations worked hand in hand with the BJP to gain more votes. They made the voters to believe that Modi is their leader and asked votes in Modi’s name.” இடுகையிட்ட தேதி: வெள்ளி, 24 மே, 2019

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