Modi’s Demonetization is to convert BJP contractors Black Money to White – Ivan D’Souza

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Modi’s Demonetization is to convert BJP contractors Black Money to White – Ivan D’Souza

Mangaluru: Prime minister Narendra Modi had appealed to the people of the nation to bear the pain caused due to demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes for 50 days and if he fails to bring the change he has said to Punish him. The time which Modi had given to the nation has passed and the people are facing problems. Modi has failed to keep his promise. He should resign from the post. Demonetization is nothing but to make the BJP’s black money to White. Narendra Modi is the most inefficient prime minister the country has ever seen”, said, the Chief Whip Ivan D’Souza in a press meet held at his office here on December 31.

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Addressing the mediapersons Ivan D’Souza said, “On December 30, the deadline given by Modi is over, he has sent 46 circulars so far. Now Mr Modi, In the country only 1% of the population has black money but now 99% of the population is suffering due to demonetization. We had hopes that the situation will improve after 50 days and we would be able to withdraw our money. But the prime minister is trying to test the patience of the people. Today there is no money in the ATMs. During demonetization, how much money has been deposited is not known even through the RTI. Modi has not taken any account of the black money.

According to the information I have, Rs 18,000 crore has been deposited in the bank after demonetization. Some say that after demonetization Rs 14,500 crore has been deposited. There are rumours that there were 0.002% fake notes in use, means Rs 400 crore fake notes in use. Now the government is spending Rs 18,000 crores to print the notes. To replace Rs 400 crore fake notes, the government is spending Rs 18,000 crore.

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Ivan further said, “Modi’s aim was to ban the black money and also to bring back the black money from foreign banks. But today Modi is speaking of a cashless system. The concept was to bring back black money instead of doing that, Modi is trying to bring the cashless system. Gandhiji has dreamt of creating jobs but Modi is thinking of supporting the rich by bringing the cashless system. Those doing small time business will be in trouble in the country where 85% of the people depend on cash dealings. If everyone adopts the cashless system they will go to supermarkets to buy their day-to-day commodities. How many people have smart phones? Less than 12% have smartphone facilities and internet. According to the survey, only 25 % people have bank accounts, how then will the 75% of people deal with the cashless system? Make the system cashless, but provide the basic infrastructure, ” said Ivan.

In a small country like Kenya, the government has brought the cashless system but still that country is suffering from a bad economy. From the cashless system, the economic status of the country will not grow. Without providing the basic infrastructure, internet facilities and not improving the villages the prime minister has taken a poor step. Mr Narendra Modi is the most inefficient prime minister the country has ever seen. He has taken the country 20 years backwards. Modi has demonetized the currency notes to help the BJP contractors convert their black money into white.

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  1. Repeated rejection of ‘Right Information Act’ by PMO and RBI on demonetisation drive has only proved to correct is now said by Mr.Ivan.

    Subramanian Swamy may be having laugh,who convinced PM Modi to cut short outgoing RBI governor Raghuram Rajan tenure to elect Ambani handpicked new Governor Patel of Kenya of Indian origin.

    Now RBI is now acting like ‘Reverse bank of India’ since the inception of new Governor.Even after 60 amendment in 50 days of demonetisation, ATM and banks fail dispense citizens own savings as per his/her own wish.

    Is this ‘Accahe din’ of India?

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