Mogaveers UAE holds ‘Save Life Campaign’ on World Blood Donors..

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Mogaveers UAE holds Save Life Campaign on World Blood Donors Day and Holy Month of Ramadan

Dubai: Mogaveers UAE successfully conducted a Blood Donation campaign at Dubai blood donation center, Latifa Hospital on the 9th day of the Holy month of Ramadan on 14 June 2016 Tuesday from 8:00 PM to 11.00 PM. This campaign was dedicated to the world blood donor’s day.


An enthusiastic team of Mogaveers UAE led by Balakrishna Salian were present in the center right from the beginning to assist and guide the donors.

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Mogaveers UAE members from all the corners of UAE gathered at the center for this great cause and donated their precious blood.

As per the Dubai Blood Donation Centre (DBDC), the need for blood is ongoing and must be met every day. The demand for blood is growing faster than the collection rate and DBDC has requested to have an instant response to the rapid growth in blood demand which is obviously proportionate to the fast growing population of the city along with healthcare facilities. The seasonal blood shortage obviously occurs in the holy month of Ramadan and through the summer holidays. DBDC is the only blood supplier in Dubai. It’s services are extended to Thalassemia patients (Thalassemia Center at Latifa Hospital, Dubai), road accident and burn victims (Trauma Centre at Rashid Hospital), patients with neonates and maternity health complications (Latifa Hospital Dubai), cases diagnosed with cancer or scheduled for open heart operations (Dubai Hospital) as well as to all private health facilities within Dubai that are entitled for transfusion services.

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A strong team of MogaveersUAE executive committee was present till the end of the campaign and distributed fresh Fruits along with the Juice and Goodie Bag of world blood donor’s day to all the donors present during the campaign.

On behalf of Mogaveers UAE, Bala as a promoter of blood donation drive thanked all the associations, individuals, and media persons who supported this noble cause during this campaign and throughout the year.

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From this year onwards Mogaveers UAE will be conducting the blood donation campaigns twice a year i.e on 2nd December to mark UAE’s National day and on 14th June which is the World blood donor’s day.

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  1. Well Done UAE Mogaveers. A great service to humanity. Serving for a noble cause, that too through blood donation is a priceless contribution. Hats of to UAE Mogaveers members, lead by Balakrishna Salian, for their continued involvement in human service. May God bless all the donors with good health, long life and great energy to continue with their efforts in the service of humanity, cause service to humanity is service to God.


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