The Moment When Stone Is Considered Dead

The Moment When Stone Is Considered Dead

Our progress is made from confusions, conflicts and challenges we faced across the lifespan. In curiosity, we have found answers to many questions in the field of science space medicine psychology and social living etc. Still, the basic human misery continues. We continue to live in pain misery and diseases which indicate that we have failed in searching our own soul better when we have lost it in the advancing and materialistic world. When some problems are answered new are born to replace them. A famous physicist says “just because we can’t answer some questions either through a yes or no answer doesn’t mean such things don’t have a solution”. Only distance is we haven’t reached that point of understanding it.

Many times during the seminars I have encountered the question whether I believe in the curse or not. I remember asking this question to many and in particular to my Psychology professor to land up in further confusion. We discuss many topics like this one, which is difficult to answer at times. To say either yes or no, we need to have a proof. According to science to believe in something we need a proof.

In this article, I have tried to explain the curse and its meaning and the presence of Emotional Waves, from different angles.

A curse is a reaction caused by the emotion anger to cause an ill effect on someone.The roots of the curse we can find in holy books itself across all religions including the Holy Bible when Adam and Eve received curse for going against the will of God and ate prohibited fruit.

Emotional abuse is as much as damaging as physical abuse. The only difference is that physical damage is seen from outside whereas emotional scare is hidden inside. The world outside cannot see the bruises on our heart.

Sometimes we feel that we are not responsible for the sorry state of affairs (fate) we are experiencing. We feel we did nothing wrong to be in that state. But surprisingly we experience everything goes up and down. What causes this? Whatever we do either good or bad, its reactions follow us like a shadow.If a blessing received from a good deed can bring us peace and prosperity, a negative deed can destroy our peace which itself is a curse. Losing peace with self is the biggest curse anyone can experience.

We do fight for our parental property once they are gone or in their presence. We get a share of the property which is often tangible in nature. What about the emotional scare they might have caused to someone which we do not know? Aren’t we liable for that? Every person has an individual face, only that particular person knows about. When we are receiving a share of tangible property which increases our worldly wealth we may be liable for the emotional scare that person might have caused. Happiness is going to be deducted from our account. Maybe on this foundation, the existence of the curse stands.

We often witness children play with animals. The way the animals play with little children is different than the adults; even the wild animals. Why and how these animals develop such a caring behaviour toward the kids is difficult to explain.Could be because the innocence of the child triggers emotions in animals.

We may have observed what happens when we lock up the house for a couple of days. It’s the best example to understand the relation between what we consider living and nonliving things. Walls do understand the presence of the human touch. I remember reading about the possible technology to retrieve the communication happened inside a room even after a long period.

Maybe we and our surroundings are closely knitted through some means which we have not identified so far concretely. I believe that everything beside us which we treat as nonliving also communicates through some means. Actually, nothing can be left on the earth or anywhere in the universe that is dead or nonliving since it has to go back to the point of origin. We all know that every single atom in the universe is made of same fundamentals whether we classify it as either living or non-living; its appearance may not be criteria to conclude whether something is alive or dead (For Eg-Stone). I believe that even the stones have consciousness or else its atoms will be dispersed. If it is dead it wouldn’t have been so strong. It remains strong and hard because the stone is alive in its form! For a layman, it is just a dead stone but for a person having wisdom, a stone is a living thing created by God for a specific purpose. If it is dead a stone would have disintegrated, like our body after the death.

Have you ever seen the eyes of a hungry person to whom you fed giving food? If not watch the person’s eyes once. Watch the face of the person whom you have given water when someone is thirsty. They do speak the emotional language. The more we feed a hungry person, more the emotional and spiritual benefit we receive. This satisfaction comes may be because the person’s emotions touch our soul through unseen waves. If we are doing the act blindly we may not do it again or may do rarely, but if we are watching the person in need and doing it, definitely we will be willing to repeat the act many times.

Every atom that exists in this universe is made of same basic elements, whichever we treat as living or nonliving. My belief is that they differ only in their external existence to serve the purpose of its existence. In practical, I believe there is nothing in this universe which is nonliving. Only our programming of the mind to serve some specific purpose we classified into living and nonliving things.

When we cut trees and destroy forests we are deprived of rains and corps. It is the nature’s way of cursing us for causing the imbalance. It is just like mothers cry when she loses her children. It is nature’s way of expressing displeasure with what we do.Nature is full of life and it understands when we cut her veins. Similarly, a negative emotion coming out from a person we have hurt could bring us harm which explains curse.

I believe that when God created what he created, the ultimate aim is the celebration of joy and glory for him. Whatever exists here irrespective of its form, is not mute and capable of communicating through some means and we call it as an emotion which may be applied universally to all creation of God. It is not limited to humans alone. We human beings are able to speak for communication and few other species produce various sound is just an additional weapon God gave to have slightly superiority on the other creation. But the emotions we feel rise above all the barriers of communication and bonds everything together which may be termed as ’heavenly ecosystem’ in which living or nonliving classification doesn’t carry any meaning. That is why we say and believe the truth that God exists in everything and everywhere.

Science says for each and every action there is a reaction in equal proportions. In the Holy Bible same thing is explained as “We reap what we sow”. Hindu scriptures talk about karma. On this basis also we can argue that curse does exist. Once we abuse/hurt someone emotionally the clock clicks to receive back in similar ways. Notice what happens inside us when we get hurt by someone. Each and every part of our body reacts giving rise to emotions, strong or mild depending on the nature of the torture. The frequency’s or magnitude is too high to resist at times. Basic human misery may be caused by this. Sometimes we refuse to see things until they completely ruin us.

My aim is not to take back anyone to the 17th century. This is just an attempt to think differently and to understand better, the things and problems around us so that we can treat everything around us as a source of energy that breathes, communicates and feels.The word Curse we need not treat with too much intensity. It’s a form of displeasure or uneasiness. We should stop abusing, either a fellow human being, a plant, an animal or anything which in ordinary language is called dead or non-reactive. The additional strength, we have on the other creation is not a permit to abuse anything.

Just because the emotional wave it is not being quantified or validated, its reactions and existence can’t be ruled out. Such an enormous force of gravitation is just felt by the results, we can’t see it.In fact, there are many things/phenomenon around us even the quantum physics can’t explain. Quantum physics also says that the two similar particles separated by thousands of miles can behave similarly! Emotional waves may be existing. We can’t say no when we don’t know about it. Just we need to reach that point of understanding it better scientifically.

God created nothing dead or waste. Everything has a purpose. Everything is alive and will die eventually to change its form after the purpose of its existence is achieved. Death is not the loss, it’s just a transformation. Everything communicates and feels through some means.I am sure when we meet alien life one day the first communication will be through emotional waves in the absence of any other thing till we understand each other. Because there would be an enormous amount of differences between us and only the God s part in both of us can help us establish initial contact so that we do not end up in destroying each other.Let us stop abusing and use better ways of living harmoniously with all and everything in our surrounding.

We all belong to one singular point. Big bang occurred and the universe is created from one such point through a massive explosion. This energy is being distributed in various forms even now and the process will be continued, maybe infinitely. That’s why science says energy is neither be created nor be destroyed. It just changes its forms. When we understand this basic principle we understand how closely we are knitted to everything around us.

Many of the ups and downs we experience in our life may not be just daily life process but may have to do something with what we do with every other creation around us including fellow human being. Let us not abuse and hurt anyone/anything.Even stone is not dead; it is also alive in its form. The moment stone is dead the building in which we reside will collapse.






By Vincent D’sa; Dubai, Pangala Parish; Shankerpura.

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  1. You are not the body, you are not the mind. But they both belong to you. Make this distinction clear.

    Don’t take life too seriously. It’s supposed to be fun. Don’t worry about death either, it’s just a cosmic joke. Don’t bank on morality because it comes from the society’s garbage bin. Your personality is fake – it comes from your surroundings. Only your individuality is genuine. Don’t be identified with the mind.

    When an act arises out of a desire it creates bondage. Desire is the root cause of all misery in this world. When it’s fulfilled it creates greed and when unfulfilled, creates anger, neither of which is good for you. Lower your expectation and drop you ego, you will be the happiest man on the planet. At the moment your mind is ruling you. Reverse this role. Mind as a servant is an excellent weapon and as a master, an obnoxious tyrant. Don’t give too much attention to the mind, focus on your heart instead. Needless to say one cannot exist without mind, but don’t be used by it. Thoughts, which originate from your mind, are external to you. Only your feelings are genuine because they come from your heart.

    Mind is always of the past or about the future. The mind has no experience but only has memory. The heart knows nothing of the past, nothing of the future; it knows only of the present. The heart has no time concept.

    When you perfect the art of mastering the mind (it’s an extremely difficult task), you develop certain intuitive abilities with which just through the exercise of your will power you can materialise things. It can be used to do positives things and they will result in blessings. It can also be used for bad things. And that’s how curses work.

    There is no God who sits in the clouds. You cannot find him/her in the temples or churches or indoctrination centres. In that sense Nietzsche was right. That god never existed. Nobody can turn water into wine. Real miracles are invisible to the ordinary mind. The real miracles remain unrecorded in history because only the person who goes through the process of the miracle knows it, and even he cannot prove it, he cannot give any evidence for it.

    Never fight with lust, greed, ego, anger, jealousy, hatred – You cannot kill them, you cannot crush them, you cannot fight with them because mind operates on the principle of reverse-effect; all that you can do is just be aware of them. And the moment you are aware, they are gone. In the light, the darkness simply disappears. Anger, lust, jealousy etc. arise first in your deepest core, wordless, undefined. Then it comes to be a thought. Then it enters in your body; adrenaline and other poisons are released in the bloodstream, so you act.

    As regards God, there are 3 things in existence – known, unknown and ‘unknowable’. The first 2 are the domain of the objective world which the science continues to conquer. The 3rd one is subjective which only the individuals can know. There is no proof or lack of it. It’s your experience (not experiment) which make you realise this. First of all accept that you don’t know. Don’t believe. Seek instead. Belief imposes barrier between you and the process of knowing. You will eventually find that God is the innermost reality of existence. Focus on godliness not god.

    There is no fundamental difference between atheists and theists. Both believe in something. Theists believe that God exists and atheists believe that God does not exist. They both are on the same boat. Belief fulfils your psychological need. You want to believe because without belief you feel empty, just a driftwood going nowhere. On that note, I don’t understand why Richard Dawkins or Sam Harris bang their head against the wall slagging off mainstream religions. It’s a pointless pursuit.

    All Abrahamic religions are wrong, just like Dwaita philosophy under Hinduism. Only Adwaita (non-dualistic) philosophy honestly makes an attempt to explain what life is. There is no difference between the individual and God. Aham Brahmasmi. But realising this truth can take 5 years, 50 years, a whole lifetime or perhaps 1000 lifetimes. Until you realise it you will repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Your current body may disappear but you don’t truly go until you settle your bill or get your due. Don’t fall for materialism. Be mindful of it at least. You are likely to be born again, perhaps on the other side of the railway tracks because existence does the balancing act. So you can’t escape from your actions. Causes have effects and actions have consequences. That’s karma for you.

    Finally, use philosophy only as a starting point. At some point you should drop that too. Because philosophy is nothing but intellectual gymnastics, which fails to look at the whole elephant, instead selectively looks at one
    limb/organ at a time to say it can explain the whole thing. That’s why every philosophical thought gets debunked by another over time. Intellect is borrowed from others. Focus on Intelligence instead, which is something you are born with.

    Mind is the subtle part of body and body is gross part of the mind. There is no duality between the two. The ‘mind’ part manifests first, the ‘body’ next. Descartes was wrong; hence the modern western philosophy is wrong.

    Time comes first, space comes next. I have utmost respect for the western science because of the wonders it has created in this modern world but I feel it has got hold of the wrong end of the stick on this one.

    Matter is nothing but energy in compressed form. Einstein proved it. Now what existed before the big bang can be answered by theoretical physicists by proving whether energy can exist outside of time and space.

    Time appears to be linear to the human mind. But it’s circular in reality. There is no past, no future; there is only the present moment. The present moment is not a part of time; the present is eternity

    Enough rant for today.

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