Why is Monsoon an ideal time to plan your trip to Kerala?

Why is Monsoon an ideal time to plan your trip to Kerala?

Kerala is beauty-personified. Wherever you go or travel, the beauty of this land will captivate you. In possession of immaculate beaches, peaceful backwaters, and picture-perfect hill stations, Kerala is rightly called as “God’s own country”. Probably no other state has been blessed with such natural splendor the way Kerala is. But, the beauty of Kerala reaches its peak when the monsoon arrives. The entire state seems to be transformed into a divine adobe. Everything gets to freshen up and every view of the state gets more than 100 times beautiful than its original form.

Monsoon is the best time to indulge into the beauty of Kerala. Kerala Tourism has now provided people with all sorts of information regarding packages and other things. You should definitely avail the benefit. So, if you are wondering, apart from the scenic beauty, what else can you enjoy during the Monsoon in Kerala, we have got you covered. We are sharing the best things that you can only experience while travelling to Kerala in Monsoon below.

  • Waterfalls at their best

Kerala has many waterfalls all over the state, but one can only get to see its actual glory when visiting them during monsoon. Rains fill the waterfalls with great amounts of water and the waves finally get to their large forms. It is advised to stay away from stepping into the waterfall and enjoy the view from a distance.

  • Ayurvedic treatments

Kerala is the land where Ayurveda originated, and till date, the practice flourishes. Here, one can enjoy the true form and practice of Ayurvedic treatments for enhancement of beauty and curing illnesses. Though tourists enjoy Ayurvedic treatment throughout the year in Kerala, the best time for the treatment is during the monsoon. In monsoon, our skin pores open up. Our skin gets moist, cool, and dust free. It is easier for the Ayurvedic ointments to reach the core. Also, after the treatment, the weather plays a crucial role, and monsoon is ideal as one can enjoy the subtle weather.

  • Onam Festival

Onam is one of the biggest festivals to be celebrated in Kerala and it falls during the monsoon. The festival is grand and a sheer delight. You can feel the vibes of the celebration in the air and can have some of the amazing delicacies made only for the festival. The famous Kathakali dance and Mohini Attam is performed in many parts of the state.

  • Backwaters

Who would like to enjoy the stay on a houseboat at famous backwaters when there is less of it for you to experience? Well, no one! In monsoon, the water level rises and it gets exciting to ride on houseboats. The aquatic life comes alive and adds to the experience.

  • Seafood

With the monsoon, the best season of seafood also arrives. You can find a great variety of seafood being served in restaurants and hotels which is hard to find on regular days.

In conclusion, these are some of the reasons that make visiting Kerala ideal during monsoon. Along with this, you can also get great deals on hotels.