Monti Fest 2017 Celebrated at St Thomas More Church Calgary

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Monti Fest 2017 Celebrated at St Thomas More Church Calgary

Alberta: Over 200 South Asian and specially Mangalorean origin people living in Calgary celebrated the much-loved event ‘Nativity – Monti Fest’ on September 08th, 2017 at St Thomas More Church, NE, Calgary, Alberta.

The main celebrant for the mass was Fr John Pinto, OCD and other priests who concelebrated the mass were Fr Godwin Pinto, OCD of St Thomas More parish and Fr William Monis Assistant pastor of Bonaventure Parish.

Jerry Moras, liturgy coordinator welcomed the church gathering and announced the central theme of the liturgy “Birth of Mary is the happiness of Christian life”. In the Salvation plan, Mary was chosen to be the mother of Jesus. Hence, the celebration of the birth of Mary is of prime importance. As we celebrate the family feast of the Blessed Mary who united us and makes our families blessed. As we offer first fruits to the Lord and we thank him for we all gifts we received. Additionally, the congregation prayed to Mother Mary, on her birthday to intercede for us and bless us through Jesus our Lod, so that we could have unity, love and peace and tranquility to prevail through her grace.

During the homily by Fr William Monies emphasized Mary’s humility. Mother Mary played an important role in bringing salvation to this world through her Son, Jesus Christ. Mother cannot be replaced by anyone. Mother brings joy, great satisfaction and safety to kids. Mother brings joy and happiness in our lives. God blessed Mary to be Mother of Jesus so that we could be saved. St Mathews Gospel begins with the genealogy of Jesus and that Jesus was born of Mary.

Mother Mary was simple and humble women of Israel. Finally, Fr Willian quoted Mother Teresa of Calcutta on Mother Mary “The greatness of our Lady was in her humility. No wonder Jesus, who lived so close to her, seemed to be so anxious that we learn from him and from her but one lesson: to be meek and humble of heart”.

The choir was led by Jerry Rodrigues and Fr Godwin Pinto to the solemnity of the occasion. Guitar played by Danny Castelino, Drums by Stalin D’Cunha and other choir members are :

Stevan, Lobo, Rackson Mathias, Jasmine D’Souza, Sunitha D’Cunha, Jane Dsouza, Dinika Mascarenhas, Divya Castelino, Elvira Dias and Margaret Mascarenhas.

As per tradition, after the mass, the crowd followed to the parish hall with Mother Mary’s statue in procession. Children and adults offered flowers to Mary. Marian songs, Sokkod Sagatha Melya and Moreyek Hoggulsia was sung for Mother Mary.

Immediately after mass Fr. John Pinto blessed harvest or Novem (vorn) followed by non-stop entertainments by Calgary Konkans.

The Master of Ceremony of the day was Stalin Dcunha and Rumika Mascarenhas, they welcomed everyone.

Here is the list of programs conducted to entertain the gathering:

• Namo Namo Moreaye: Rigel D’Cunha, Danika Lobo, Vidette Quadros, Renee Dias choreographed by Renita
• Chicken song: by choreographed by Susan. Clyde Nazareth, Joshua Dcruz, Angeline Alvares, Rihanna Lobo, Hazel Nazareth, Shiloh Durado and Faustine Dcruz.
• Vodli mai song: choreographed by Riana, Naomi Mendonce, Alden Dsouza, Aschel Dsouza, Valen Quadros, Vidette Quadros, Danika Frank and Regan Frank and Renee
• Kala Chashma: by Angeline Alvares, Neyola Rebello and Preemal Rebello
• Hindi Medley: Laveena D’Souza, Renita Frank and Rezni D’Souza
• Baila Dance: Rudolf D’Cunha and Sunitha D’Cunha
• Bachna ae Haseeno: choreographed by Kenneth Gabriel; acted by Chris Gabriel and Stalin D’Cunha.
• Sweety Tera Drama: by Runika Mascarenhas.

The programme ended with Baila dance, followed by a vote of thanks offered by Stalin D’Cunha and Rumika Mascarenhas for all members of the Calgary Konkan community and in particularly :

For setting up of the hall by Rudy and Sunitha D’Cunha, Jerry Rodrigues, Natasha D’Souza, Albert Michael, Renwick Dsouza, Rackson Mathias and Stevan Lobo.

For Nove Javen catered by Anand Alvares and his team members, Henry Rebello, Melwin Tauro, Newton Rodrigues.The most important part of the program was the sumptuous and traditional Mangalorean delicacies which included vorn, rice, dhal-gosale curry, sambar, korumb, sango, benda, karathe, moong sukka, channa-tendli, pickle – 5 types and many others which were beautifully coordinated by Riana Mendonca and Elvira Dias.

For DGs of the day Stevan Lobo and Rackson Mathias.

Finally, MC’s thanked, coordinating Liturgy by Fr Godwin Pinto and Jerry Moras. Thanked reader Hazel and prayers of the faithful by Laveena D’Souza, Renita Frank, Divya Castelino, Dinika Mascarenhas, Michelle Lobo and Natasha Rodrigues.

The program wound down by Konkani masala dance. The event was a successful one, under the guidance and direction of Fr. John Pinto, OCD.

Again, Kudos to everyone for getting together to make this celebration an enriching fellowship experience in the true sense.

by By Jerry Moras
Pics Ronald D’Souza

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  1. Having lived in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, for nearly five years more than 30 years ago, we were pleased to read the celebrations of “Monthi
    Fest” rituals at St. Thomas Church in commemoration of the Feast of Nativity. The traditional Nativity hymns followed by the blessings of the new harvest and also the cultural dances and music followed by even the traditional Mangalorean desert “Vorne” was all an interesting reading indeed. Congratulations to all those Mangaloreans in Calgary that made this event possible in the presence of some of our Indian priests.

    The diversity of Mangaloreans scattered all over the world gathered together for an occasion such as “Monthi Fest” is indeed a fascinating feeling to realize how much we value our past traditions that we bring back to our place of worship and share those traditions with many others that watch us and admire us.

    Calgary and Edmonton are vibrant Cities of Alberta where many of our Indians are well established with the Energy related careers. We visit these Cities at least once a year to attend the Oil Conventions. Both these cities are friendly cities where the Canadians go out of their way to help us and support us in order to enable us to make our “home away from home” a comfortable place to reside and establish ourselves with our families.

    Wishing all our Calgarian Mangaloreans a belated “Happy Monthi Fest”.

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