Monti-Fest Celebrations in Manchester

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Monti-Fest Celebrations in Manchester

KCA-UK celebrated the 12th successive Monti-Fest on September 09, 2017 at Gandhi hall in Manchester, UK. More than 250 Konkani speaking people from different parts of the United Kingdom gathered as one family to celebrate this religious event.

The introduction before the mass was done by Reena Rodrigues and Lainet Pinto from Manchester. The children and adults offered flowers to Mother Mary to commemorate her birthday; whilst the choir simultaneously sang the hymn “Morieak Hogolxieam”.

Fr. Charles Menezes from Paris offered the holy mass. The first reading was read by Vinjoy Rego Manchester and the second reading by Thelma Furtado Sunderland. During the homily Fr. Menezes emphasised on parents role in the religious upbringing of their children and the respect for women in today’s society. The choir uplifted the spirits by their melodious singing, led by Stan Mendonca along with Sujith Rodrigues and Mukesh Kannan from Manchester.

Before the final blessing, Jyothi Mendonca Manchester thanked Fr Menezes, the choir members and all the people gathered. After mass elderly members of the congregation were invited to the dais to participate in mixing the blessed Novem with milk which was later shared amongst all.

Lysa Barboza Liverpool and Jyothi Mendonca Manchester sponsored soft drinks and cake to all the guests. Joseph Sequeira Warrington and Vinod Barboza Manchester hosted the event, which was more interactive with the audience than the conventional one. The response from the audience was amazing. The stage support was provided by Chrisjoy Rodrigues Nottingham.

The president of KCA-UK, Santhosh Pinto Manchester extended his warm welcome to all the guests.

Cultural activities commenced with a traditional Indian classical dance followed by some amazing dances, singing, instrumental play and comedy. Kids from Manchester, Warrington, Leicester, Nottingham and Sunderland came together as one team and entertained the audience with great unity and perfection.

Raj Francis Periera Carlisle along with Sujith Rodrigues Manchester presented a promo of the
upcoming event of Kevin Misquith live in concert, London.

Ronald Lobo and Allwin Buthello from Manchester were responsible for the beautiful stage set-up and lightings.

There were seven different types of delicious vegetables, including Sanna, Aluo Detto, Rice and Vorn, which was prepared by KCA-UK members and served to all the guests. KCA-UK specially thanked Martin Saldanha Manchester, Richard D’Silva Birmingham, and Vincent Rodrigues Nottingham for their dedicated work and also for their planning and co-ordination in arranging the food for all guests in time.

Tariq Lodhi from KTV News volunteered to dedicate himself to cover the entire day’s video, where as Raj Francis Pereira Carlisle and Vinjoy Rego Manchester captured the day in their camera.

Benson Moras Sheffield was the DJ for the event and also responsible for the sounds systems for the day.

Ronald Lobo Manchester carried out a fund raising event for the association in the form of an auction of items specially brought from Mangalore. The fund collected from this auction will be used towards the day’s expenses.

Anthony Mary Manchester conducted the Bingo and the lucky winners were awarded prizes.

The vote of thanks was given by Stan Mendonca Manchester; he expressed his gratitude and thanked everyone who directly or indirectly supported to make the event a grand success. Stan also gratefully expressed special thanks to the people who worked behind the screen for days to make the event a success.

Sincere thanks go to members of MUKA – Nottingham for their unconditional support during the event.

The event was concluded with a tea followed by lau-da- te, group photograph and baila dance.

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