Mockery of Trasi accident, case filed

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Moodbidri: Mockery of Trasi accident, case filed

Moodbidri: Mocking the Trasi incident on Facebook, a person by the name Shanker Prasad had commented saying “the deceased are Christians why one should bother”. The statement witnessed public ire in the social media.

Ashwin Jossey Pereira from Moodbidri has filed a complaint in the Moodbidri Police Station demanding the arrest of the individual and also said that if the police fail to arrest Shanker, severe protests will be held in Udupi and DK districts.

Later, in an interaction with the media persons in Moodbidri, Ashwin said that when the whole state is mourning the death of 8 children, people like Shanker Prasad are mocking the incident. “Humanity is beyond religion. People irrespective of religion are mourning the death of students who died in a ghastly accident, and people like Shanker Prasad want to spoil harmony in the society. Shanker Prasad should apologise for his Facebook post,” he added.

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  1. We too received this forward from a group and us friends decided that we as responsible citizens should take action against this act. So we searched Facebook and we didn’t find any article or status in Facebook and Profile of Shankar Prasad with the image as posted in the newspaper. I looked into — newspaper online and found the article. We being in software industry felt that the image posted by them was a photoshopped image. Now it is for the police to investigate where the image originated from. How did they get that image? If at all it is actually an FB Status of Shankar Prasad, let them publish the FB URL so that police will be able to investigate the matter with more detail.

    Any newspaper in that matter should think before publishing such insensitive news and that too at a time when the whole of Dakshina Kannada and Udupi are still in a shock with the soul-stirring accident and loss of those little hearts. Shame to such who just go only for their TRP not the emotions of the people.

  2. I request people of Dakshina Kannada/Udupi to have patience and allow the police to do their duty and catch the actual culprits.

    I also request the media not to give importance to such stories and publish such information in news media. When you all know Dakshina Kannada/Udupi are 2 districts which are sensitive areas. Do not create confusion in people’s mind so that people fight with each other.

    At least don’t play with the sentiments of those parents who have lost their children. Put yourself in their place and see how it hurts.

  3. Media should always be cautious in such sensitive situations like this. Being a responsible citizen just to raise your newspaper’s TRP, do not publish such news which hurts the sentiments/emotions of people. A child is God’s gift. They are so innocent be it any religion. Before you publish investigate it yourself. Check Facebook if that piece of Status does really exist. If it exists then you can complain to FACEBOOK to remove that content. What — has done is a big blunder by publishing and then giving the opportunity to people to circulate it. The said newspaper when they received the image from such a person, if as a responsible person instead of publishing it in the newspaper, if he had sent it to police, I think now the culprit would have already been behind bars.

  4. If arrested, what section of the IPC are you going to charge him under? Where exactly is this quest going to end? We can/should not have control over what other human being thinks. That should be that person’s fundamental right, as long as it does not cause any physical harm to others, or to their character or reputation.

    Regardless of the insensitivity of the comment, it is my view that people should be allowed to say what they have in mind without any fear, instead of forcing it to remain buried deep inside. It also gives the society as a whole an opportunity to reflect where we, as human beings, have reached. There is no necessity to abuse the law for such silly comment by a hollow mind.

  5. Only a person who has lost his/ her loved ones will know the pain of it.
    Wht section of IPC police will book is, not the public’s worry but hurting the sentiments of a community/person is not humanity. Don’t spread hatred. That’s all I wanted to convey. I was just trying to convey the message that media should think twice before they publish such insensitive details.

  6. I understand one should be allowed to speak what is in his mind. But in this particular case where 8 innocent children have died, one must be mentally unstable to publish such comments in social media. I strongly suggest that police should send Prasad to a Psychiatric. We never know what kind of dangerous minds living in our society. If he has inherited Hitler’s genes, he should be treated before releasing him into the society.

  7. I agree with Henry James(Bond). It’s not illegal to be stupid or insensitive as long as you are not inflicting damages on life, property or calling for violence. This guy, Shankara Prasaada, is a clear case of religious bigot who should be ridiculed for his insensitive remarks. If he is employed in a private sector, he may even get fired as nobody wants to be associated with these sick individuals. However, it is not illegal to make these extremely insensitive comments.

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