Moodbidri: Tejashree (32), Wife of NRI Sampath Kumar, Dies in Road Mishap

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Moodbidri: Reckless driving by the drivers of buses and commercial vehicles in and around the city came up for public criticism yet again when the life of a young woman, a mother of three little girls, was claimed by a road mishap at Todankila in Kallamundkur on the Mulki-Moodbidri state highway on Monday morning.


Tejashri was employed in Sarvodaya High School in Kallamundkur. As was her routine on working days, she, after sending her children to school, was on her way to work on her scooter. As she reached the Todankila bridge, a private bus arriving from Kinnigoli hit her vehicle from behind.

As she fell to the road, a pick-up vehicle too hit it. She did wear a helmet but it flew off in the process. As she lay there for about 20 minutes, no one came forward to help her to be taken to a hospital.

Some time later, Kallamundkur gram panchayat member Satish, assisted by bus agent Devadas, took her in an Omni vehicle. After being given first aid in a hospital in Moodbidri, she was taken to another hospital on Mangaluru. She is said to have died on the way.

She hailed from Moodbidri and had married Sampath, who who lives abroad. They have three daughters – the elder two studying in VII and IV standards. The youngest is just four years old.

Tejashree was an active member of the Devadiga community and had served as president of the women’s cell of the community organization. She first worked in Jain High School here and had only a year ago moved over to the school in Kallamundkur.

Her death has been condoled by many community, social and political leaders.

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  1. These private buses are road raggers and killers. What action shall be taken now ?? A expensive life is been killed due to road rage and who will consol the family ? Moreover, 3 little girls has to be taken care too. May the departed soul rest in peace and justice be given to the family.

  2. Very sad news. Two wheelers are really risky in our district. Buses and lorries drive recklessly and cause accidents. May her soul rest in peace. I feel sorry for her children and husband.

  3. Let her soul rest in peace. The accident is very unbeliveable, that we can’t even image but i donno how people’s very simply standing by watching that accident, instead of taking her to the hospital. Atleast they could’ve called an amulance and should try to save her life. I feel very sad for her 3 childrens. They will never get her mother back..

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