Moriyek Hogalsiya! Milagres Church Celebrates ‘Monti Fest’ with ‘NOISY’ Procession prior to Festive Mass

Moriyek Hogalsiya! Milagres Church Celebrates ‘Monti Fest’ with ‘NOISY’ Procession prior to Festive Mass

Mangaluru: Before proceeding with my positive report, I would like to begin with a negative one, because of the TOTAL disappointment of today’s Monthi Fest procession that was organized by the parishioners of Milagres Church, Mangaluru. Among all the Monti Fest processions that I had covered in the last few years with a courtesy and love towards most of the priests and parishioners that I know, but sadly today’s (8 September 2019) was one of the most POLLUTED MONTI FEST procession that I experienced- and this observation is just not mine, but a bunch of the Parish Council Members, and parishioners that walked in the procession. Before going further, why even bother to have loud fireworks when the law clearly says it is prohibited.

If you notice that few of the photos that are incorporated in this report look blur/foggy, my sincere thanks to a bunch of SMART youngsters of Milagres Parish, who went overboard in bursting fire-crackers every one or two minutes during the procession, which turned the whole route of the procession from Attavar to Milagres Church into a white/smoky atmosphere. Many seniors were so scared about the noise of these firecrackers since they were burst a few meters away from them while walking in the procession. Frankly speaking No person with common sense will do such a thing. Even after repeated requests by yours truly, a TV cameraman, and official photographer of the Church, to restrict the use of the firecrackers to the limit, but all our efforts were in vain. The reason that I am mentioning about this, is only for the fact I was encouraged by many parishioners to do so, so that such stupidity will never repeat again.

While many of from our community raise our voices when loud fireworks are displayed by the other community (you know hat I mean) during their festivities, do you think it was right to do on our part, being a well-disciplined, well-mannered, well-behaved Community- I was totally ashamed just like many parishioners who took part in this religious procession. I even got two calls from my friends from the other community who live on the route of the procession, and said, “Alfie, you always point out in your awareness articles about sound and fireworks pollution during our festivities, what do you have to say about this morning-the loud sound of firecrackers which has woken up, when we are sound asleep being a lazy Sunday”. I was helpless but said to them that I will highlight the issue no matter, whether my fellow community members like it or not.

When I approached the Parish Priest who happens to be a nice person, and who appreciated my article that was published yesterday, I asked him why the firecrackers were used abundantly during the procession, for which he said that he and other council members had strictly insisted that no such fireworks should be entertained, but something has gone wrong- and the same comment came from a few other parish council members. So who took such a decision to ignore the orders from the Parish Priest, and create a noisy and polluted atmosphere throughout the entire stretch of the procession. When I asked one of the youths holding a bunch of firecrackers in his hand, “Was it right to pollute the atmosphere with lighting up crackers”, for which he said, “Others do it, why not us”. I replied to him, “If someone jumps in the well, will you do it too”- my strange buddy was speechless?

Then came the funny part- yet another youth from this group at the helm of bursting “Doom Doom”, approached me and said, that I should click photos of the two men that they had hired to clean up the firecrackers mess after bursting. Sounds like a good initiative by the youth group, but the two laborers were picking up only the empty firecrackers boxes, but not the exploded pieces. But how about the loudness and the smoke that has polluted the area, even two hospitals on the stretch of the procession route- KMC Hospital-Attavar and Govt Wenlock Hospital. On a final note, even though I might have hurt the feelings of the Parish Priest, other clergy and parishioners, my humble request to whoever is at the helm of next Monti Fest 2020 procession, leave the fireworks display out of the agenda?

Now coming to the good part of my report, as I have always done in the past of Milagres Church Monti Fest- today parishioners of Milagres Church, along with their children took part in a procession which commenced at 7:15 am from KMC Attavar and culminated at the Milagres Church ground. Even though it rained incessantly for a few minutes, which lost hopes of many, but Blessed Mary was good in stopping the rain soon. Parish Priest Fr Joseph Lobo conducted the prayer service at the residence of Philomina Ferrao of Monti Saibeen ward. After the prayer service, the statue was taken to Attavar junction by procession. While addressing the people Fr Maxim said this feast reflects Gods blessings on humans in various ways, this nature nurtures us and protects us, so it is our responsibility to protect the nature from pollution and using the resources wisely hence let us be conscious to use them wisely lets spread the awareness to protect the nature. Milagres Church has this unique tradition of the celebration of Monti Feast for consecutive 114 years.

Quite a number of faithful took part in the procession, including priests and nuns- also parish priest Fr Joseph Lobo of Milagres Church, and other clergies. As the jeep carrying the statue of Infant Mary approached the entrance of the Church, all the children showered flowers at the statue. Later Fr Joseph Lobo offered candles to the various donors and well-wishers who had contributed to the Monti Fest celebration expenses. The festive mass was celebrated by Fr Lobo, along with other clergies.

Fr Kenneth Crasta preached a beautiful homily describing the significance of the birth of Mary and family. In his Homily, he mentioned that we must thank God for all the blessing he showered on us. Giving the example of two friends he said people many times forget to thank God for the various blessing He has given to us. This Earth serves us in various way giving us food to eat, water to drink, air to breath and a place to live. But instead of thanking the Earth we tried to destroy the earth in various ways. We should learn how to protect this earth and must know the importance of the earth. In the same time, we must thank Mother Mary for being our Mother to protect us from the danger and who gave us the savior Jesus Christ who born in a poor family. We must know to worship God, we need to be rich and wealthy in terms of money.  We need to have a good and clean heart to worship him. In this day let’s try to serve the church without any expectations. Fr  Lobo also thanked all those persons who had given their mite for the successful celebration of this feast. He wished all the faithful present, a happy feast and also prayed for good health to those abroad. After the Mass, sugarcane was distributed to the children who had offered flowers to Infant Mary.

This morning it was really amazing to see children in full joy and enthusiasm at Milagres Church, where they brought flowers in their respective colorful baskets to honour Blessed Virgin Mary. Christians all over the world today celebrated the feast of Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM) or simply the birthday of Mary, the Mother of our savior Jesus Christ, as well as our Heavenly Mother. This feast of Nativity is traditionally celebrated on September 8, which is commonly called by the locals as “Monti Fest” in Konkani. The birthday of Blessed Virgin Mary which is celebrated with the blessing of the new corn and family meal is one of the great celebrations of Konkani Catholic community residing all over the world.

Team Mangalorean wishes all our Konkan Catholic community a blessed Monti Fest, and kindly requesting everyone celebrating this Feast in future to restrict themselves from burning firecrackers. Our beloved Bishop Dr Peter Paul Saldanha is a strong supporter of clean and green environment, and wants Mangaluru to remain clean and green- so as faithful of Catholic Community let us lead the way and be a role model to others in creating a Kodiyal POLLUTION FREE! Thank You!


Moriyek Hogalsiya! Milagres Church Celebrates ‘Monti Festh’ with ‘NOISY’ Procession prior to Festive Mass

Moriyek Hogalsiya! Milagres Church Celebrates ‘Monti Festh’ with ‘NOISY’ Procession prior to Festive Mass இடுகையிட்ட தேதி: ஞாயிறு, 8 செப்டம்பர், 2019

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Anna Una Crasta

I appreciate two things, One- the sincere intention of the journalist to constructively criticize the pollution caused and two- the fair, yet positive report of the event covered. Such writing reflects the transparency and insight of the press, who in such a manner aid in creating a better society.

A S Pinto, Milagres, Mangalore

Truly non-bias and straight forward report, kudos for highlighting the good and also the bad issues pertaining to this incident. Such brave and straight forward reports will surely bring a change in the society, unlike most media which are only one-sided. Myself being one of the parishioners, I don’t think there is nothing wrong in highlighting the happened thing- which was 100% TRUE! Good job…