Mosques and places of worship to open in UAE starting Wednesday, July 1

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Mosques and places of worship to open in UAE starting Wednesday, July 1

Abu Dhabi: The gradual opening of mosques and places of worship in UAE was announced on Monday in a press briefing on Saturday, as restrictions in the country are eased further.

According to Dr Seif Al Dhaheri, the official spokesman for the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, mosques are set to open starting Wednesday, July 1. With the exception of mosques in external roads, industrial areas, labour cities, shopping malls and parks, all UAE mosques are set to open.

The mosques will open with 30 per cent limit on worshippers, while Friday prayers will stay suspended until further notice. UAE health authorities already conducted COVID-19 tests for Imams and workers serving at mosques, Al Dhaheri added.

Entry barred
Individuals who had contact with or live in close proximity with confirmed COVID-19 cases should not attend prayers or enter the mosques, Al Dhaheri said, stressing the importance of ensuring safety of the general public.

He added that senior citizens and residents, children younger than 12 and people with chronic illnesses should not go to mosques.

Strict guidelines
Mosques are set to open with strict guidelines in place. All those who plan on visiting mosques must download the Al Hosn app, he said.

– Al Dhaheri added that masks are mandatory along with a minimum social distance of 3 metres.

– Avoid gatherings and perform ablution at home.

– Worshippers must bring their own prayer mats and not leave them behind when leaving.

– Authorities also said that the reading of Quran should be on one’s own electronic devices and/or should be brought from home. Worshippers must avoid using the physical Quran available at mosques.

Any mosques that report new coronavirus cases will be closed, Al Dhaheri concluded.

He also said restrictions have been lifted on water activities/sports.

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