Mother and Son Killed in Ghastly Road Mishap near Lemina cross Nitte

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Mother and Son Killed in Ghastly Road Mishap near Lemina cross Nitte

Karkala: A mother and her son were killed in a ghastly road accident involving a car and Bharat benz truck on the Karkala State highway near Lemina cross near Nitte on October 5 evening.


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The deceased have been identified as Shalet D’Souza (47) and her son Winson D’Souza (22), residents of Miyar Karkala.

According to the Karkala Rural Police, a speeding Benz truck of Andra Pradesh Registration which was plying from Karkal to Belman rammed into the Nano car coming from the opposite direction in which Shalet and her son  Winson were travelling.

Shalet and her son Wilson were killed on the spot. Shalet D’Souza was the wife of Walter D’Souza and owner of Glorious Oil Mills in Karkal.

As soon as the incident took place, the driver of the truck fled from the spot and later surrendered in the Karkala rural police station.
Karkala Rural police have registered a case and are investigating.

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  1. I just can’t help but be brutally honest. This accident wasn’t entirely the fault of the Mini van driver. Driving a Nano in itself is buying your ticket out of this world. Has that car passed a satisfactory test and complies to regulations for safety. The answer is a resounding “No”. Our government pleases the lobby’s that scratch their back and hence make decisions that tend to profit the selfish gains of these lobby’s and that’s how these cars are in the market. And we citizens never look into the greater detail of anything because we are so used to living an ignorant life and we will continue to live a life of ignorance as our attitude has always and will always be – ’till the problem reaches my door its not my problem’.

    This is probably one incident that is on the website I visit. Nano has caused so many deaths you’d be surprised how this vehicle is still on the road. In countries like US, EU or Germany the plant would have been shut down long ago, the manufacturing division would have to come up with answers on how the car collapses like a pack of cards. But that’s not the case in India.

    Interestingly, during a recent visit to India I passed a Maruti van which had children loaded like poultry chicken. 3 kids sitting in the passenger seat next to the driver. After the ghastly incident in Kundapur I imagined or rather expected – 1. Kids wouldn’t be transported like poultry to and from school. 2. A reliable vehicle that has good safety standard will be used to transport kids. But when I voiced my opinion about it – the Driver of the car I was riding put a point – A reliable vehicle is heavier due to good metal body. A heavier vehicle causes decreases in mileage earned with per litre of patrol/diesel. So how many people can afford a reliable vehicle.” We always look at small gains that’s how we have always been and our memory is so short lived that Life moves on as normal after a major incident. No one cares to come up with a prevention or correction plan so future incidents result in lower casualties. Unfortunately with this attitude we can never expect something to change for the better. 20 years from now India will still be the same. Probably death and tragedy may be the norm of one’s day to day life and nobody’s conscious will stop to think or analyse this as it becomes a part of one’s life.

  2. Well said by Mr. J. D’Sa – there absolute truth in every word.
    But who cares – one would find builders flattening away all
    the hills and trees in Mangalore city, and famous local people
    attending the inaugration, and yet give big talks on take care
    of the environment for rains!

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