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""Name: Prithvi S. J. Monteiro, Class 5
Place of residence: Urwa, Mangalore
School: Std 5, Lourdes Central School
Age: 10years
Father?s Name: Ivan Christopher Monteiro
Mother?s Name: Fatima DSilva

Prithvi likes Music, Singing, Swimming, Skating and his hobbies are Writing Poems and Essays, Reading. He has one younger sister Prakrithi Sharon Monteiro and she is studying in KG1 at  Lourdes Central School, Bejai, Mangalore. Prithvi?s mother is Vice-Principal of NITTE USHA College Of Nursing, Deralakatte, and his father is a businessman.

I have dedicated my first contribution to the Kids Corner to my Mom. I hope you all will like it.


When I was a small child, I cried
My Mother lifted and hugged
She pampered and cuddled
Until with joy I smiled

She always smiles when I am happy
And consoles me when I am sad
She encourages me for the outstanding marks I get
 and makes me study hard till I sweat

I always love to see a smile on her face
When she starts her running race
I laugh and giggle to see my mother at best
Who finishes the race always the last

When I listen to my mother?s advice she feels glad
When things go awfully wrong she feels sad
 When she?s furious she hits me
To make me what I need to be

I am happy for whatever she is to me
To accept me what I would be
I always thank our heavenly father
Who has blessed me with a loving mother

Anywhere I travel round the globe
She?ll always be with me I hope
North, south, east or West
My mother is always the best


Author: Prithvi Monteiro- Mangalore

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