MP Nalin Inspects New Gurupura Bridge, Ensures Project Completion by February 2020

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MP Nalin Kumar Kateel Inspects New Gurupura Bridge, Ensures Project Completion by February 2020

Mangaluru: Dakshina Kannada MP Nalin Kumar Kateel and local MLA Dr. Bharath Shetty inspected the construction of the new bridge at Gurupura here, on June 22. The old Gurupura Bridge is built over the Phalguni River and was constructed way back in 1923. Due to growing concerns that the bridge might collapse at any time, the construction of a new bridge was commissioned in February 2019.

The three-time BJP MP surveyed the property and discussed the progress of the work with local contractors and sub-contractors as well as other public officials.

Addressing the media persons Nalin said, “Since several years, there has been a demand for a route from Kulshekar to Karkala. It is primarily a route for travelers going to Shimogga and therefore, it is a busy route. On this route, the main issue involves the Gurupura Bridge. This structure belongs to the British era. There were many complaints that heavy vehicles found it difficult to go over this bridge. When I brought this issue to the Central Government, particularly Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, he sanctioned Rs. 39 Crores for the construction of the new bridge. With the help of the Central Government, the tender process was carried out quickly. MLA Bharath Shetty also urged us to do it quickly so as to prevent any major accident”.

Nalin further said, “The tender was given to contractors from this district itself, namely Mudrodi Constructions. The tender states that the deadline is two years. However, since the matter is quite urgent, the work has been sped up and I firmly believe that the bridge will be ready by February 2020. The pillar work is already completed and the slab arrangement work will go on in the monsoon season. In our district, the work is always sped up. However, there are several environmental issues to consider in this region.”

He also said, “Regarding the Kulshekhar-Karkala route, the project has been approved by the Central Government and it is currently in the acquisition phase. After the acquisition is complete, the project will go to the tender stage. It was earlier in the Tumkur PWD, but in order to complete it quickly, the project has been transferred to the Mangaluru PWD. The project concerning BC Road – Punjalkatte route has also begun. The route will be a four-lane road for 3.65 km and two-lane road for 16 km. It also comprises four minor bridges. The sanctioned money for the project amounts to Rs. 159.70 Crores and the construction tender has been given for Rs. 98.32 Crores. The rest of the money will be used for land acquisition.”

The Kulshekar-Karkala road is being constructed by Ocean Constructions in conjunction with Mudrodi Constructions. The deadline for the project is in January 2020. Due to some technical issues, the construction had to be stopped, but it has started again according to the Dakshina Kannada MP.

Two years ago, the Central Government had also sanctioned Rs. 23 Crores for the construction of three new bridges namely: Mane Halla Bridge, Nudigodi Bridge, and Charmadi Bridge.

The construction of a new road from BC Road to Mangaluru-Bengaluru Highway is being done by L&T Company. However, the work had stopped for some time due to forest clearance issues. The work involving this project will continue after the Monsoon season.

In addition, road construction projects at Punjalkatte – Charmadi and Mulki-Kateel-BC Road are also underway. Later, Nalin Kumar Kateel discussed the railway electrification project from Kannur – Mangaluru as well.

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