MP Rahul Gandhi to arrive in K’taka on April 17, Priyanka’s schedule being worked out: Dy CM Shivakumar

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MP Rahul Gandhi to arrive in K’taka on April 17, Priyanka’s schedule being worked out: Dy CM Shivakumar

Bengaluru: Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister, DK Shivakumar, stated on Tuesday that senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi would arrive in Karnataka on Wednesday and attend programmes in Mandya and Kolar parliamentary constituencies.

This is the first visit of former Congress chief, Rahul Gandhi, to Karnataka after the declaration of Lok Sabha elections.

Speaking to reporters at his residence in Bengaluru, Dy CM Shivakumar stated that MP Rahul Gandhi would land on Wednesday afternoon at Bengaluru International Airport and reach Mandya city.

From Mandya, he would head for Kolar, and from there he would reach Bengaluru and take off for New Delhi, the Dy CM said.

When asked about senior Congress leader, Priyanka Gandhi’s visit to the state, Dy CM Shivakumar said she would give a date for her Karnataka visit soon.

“Timing has to be adjusted as time is very short. She is under pressure to visit other states. We have also requested her to visit Karnataka for one day, let’s see,” he underlined.

Talking about the tug of war with former CM, HD Kumaraswamy, he said, “Personally I respected Kumaraswamy before, and in the future also, I will continue to do so. But, if he repeatedly makes lowly personal remarks it will not suit his dignity.”

“Political matters are different. You write down where his party will stand after this election. The act of losing persons like me is like losing the support of the community,” he stated.

“For the sake of the community, I have not responded to any of his remarks against me and I respect him. If Kumaraswamy makes personal attacks and states I have abducted women to get their lands registered, where will it lead to?” Shivakumar questioned.

“If I am carrying out a business of exporting boulders on my property that, is my business. So what? I have stopped this business now. If he is not coming for a face-to-face debate it’s okay, I will face him on the floor of the House,” Shivakumar stated.

“We are managing the supply of drinking water to the people of Bengaluru at this time of crisis. To deviate from the issue, Kumaraswamy is making allegations that I am threatening apartment residents,” Shivakumar explained.

“The BJP is losing its presence in the state. Why is former CM, BS Yediyurappa, Leader of Opposition, R Ashoka, not giving answers for the statement of Kumaraswamy that women are taking the wrong path due to guarantees?” Shivakumar asked.

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